Stratasys Report Growing Demand for Dentistry 3D Printer


Stratasys says that its 3D printer allows dental labs to efficiently produce stone models.



Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSYS), today announcedit has observed an accelerated adoption of its Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer, bringing the advantages of digital dentistry across the world to such diverse locations as Saudi Arabia, Australia, Mauritius Islands and Costa Rica.

Prior to its introduction, due to cost considerations, 3D printers were only cost effective when utilized in larger labs. But, launched just this year, the Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer, an affordable, simple-to-use desktop system, designed to enable a cost-effective entry point to digital dentistry. This system opens possibilities for smaller dental labs to shorten delivery times, increase production capacity, and eliminate bulky model storage.

Leveraging Stratasys 3D printing technology, dental labs of any size can now efficiently produce stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, retainers and surgical guides.

“We are witnessing a growing demand for our new OrthoDesk 3D Printer, ” said Avi Cohen, Director, Global Dental, Stratasys. “As dental labs constantly explore new ways to grow their business and increase productivity, they are looking to Stratasys’ growing portfolio of customized 3D printers and unique dental materials.”



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