Arkady Rotenberg to complete the reconstruction at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport

Rotenberg’s TPS Avia Group wins the tender to finance the refurbishment of the Airport’s northern terminals

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Arkady Rotenberg / Getty

With air traffic to Russia increasing rapidly, among the busiest international airports in the country if not all of mainland Europe is the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

After fierce competition, Arkady Rotenberg has announced in the last few days that his TPS Avia Group has been selected by the Sheremetyevo Airport’s management establish a series of joint ventures to completely refurbish the northern part of the airport.

Included in the project will be the complete construction of a brand new terminal that will initially handle 15 million passengers a year. In addition, TPS will also be financing the construction of a brand new multimodal cargo complex, covering an area of around 20, 000 square meters and capable of handling 500, 000 tons per year, designed to meet the highest international standards of cargo handling.

Also planned is a third fuel storage distribution complex as well as a tunnel that will carry out the very important function of connecting the southern and northern sections of the airport.

Currently the only means of travelling between the northern and southern terminals is to exit the terminals, often in the middle of cold Russian winter, and travel by bus or car.

Revamping of the Sheremetyevo Airport’s northern terminals will allow for an increase in passenger capacity expected to rise to 15 million passengers a year by 2015 and eventually be capable of handling 40 million passengers by 2030.

According to representatives of Sheremetyevo Airport, the estimated cost of all the planned projects could reach as high as $370 million.


Arkady Rotenberg was born and raised in the city of Leningrad, going on to study to become a bachelor of arts and science at the Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture before going on to build a successful career in the world of commerce and industry.

Arkady Rotenberg is among the most influential businessmen in Russia, enjoying a very close relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

Starting in 2008 Rotenberg began to acquire a number of the major subsidiaries of Russia’s national energy champion Gazprom in partnership with his brother Boris, consolidating them into what became known as the SGM Group, now one of the largest suppliers of steel pipe to Gazprom, as well as operating major construction projects in the energy field.

Arkady Rotenberg owns a majority 51% interest in SGM, as well as a 26% stake in Mostotrest, a major Russian based road construction corporation as owning a controlling interest in the SMP Bank, who will control the TPS Avia Group , in which they own 75% with the remaining 25% being owned by the airport.

Rotenberg recently became the president of the Dynamo Moscow hockey club, which was sponsored by the KGB at one time.


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