High demand for the Israeli gun that shoots around corners



While the Israeli developed Corner Shot system is in high demand, Israeli companies are developing some more weapon systems that are aimed mainly at anti terror units.

There are no specific details about these systems but a source told  IHLS  that they are based on the vast experience of Israel’s elite anti terror units like the Police YAMAM, and the Israeli defense forces Sayeret Matkal.

At present, the CornerShot is in wide use in some countries. The system allows a semi-automatic pistol to shoot around the corner by attaching it to the system that has a hinge in the center that allows the barrel to pivot to the left or right while the handle and trigger remain fixed and stationary. This allows soldiers to literally shoot around corners in either direction.


A flashlight and digital camera are mounted on the weapon in the position normally reserved for a bayonet. This allows soldiers to identify and target enemies around corners. The CornerShot keeps soldiers out of the line of fire while allowing them to target and shoot enemies around corners.

The Corner Shot has been developed for use by Special Forces and SWAT teams, and was originally designed to help with terrorist standoffs involving unarmed hostages.

According to the Israeli company, the Central Command receives a live video feed of what is happening at the front line. This leads to better understanding of the situation and can improve decision-making.

By using an additional screen the officer or soldier located behind the Corner Shot Operator can see the same view that the Operator is seeing on the Corner Shot screen. This enables him to better support the operator and improves coordination. The Corner Shot can be set up to facilitate recording of the Operator’s screen. That means that all Target Engagements are documented. This is an effective tool to be used for legal and training purposes.


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