Rihanna Designs Second Fashion Collection For River Island


Rihanna’s new collection goes on sale on September 12th.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 22,    2013

Rihanna wears Rihanna for River Island in New York… and tweets the picture to the world
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River Island is a chain of 300 young-fashion stores scattered across the UK, Europe, Russia and even popping up in Dubai in the Middle East. It has been in business a very long time, since it was founded by the Lewis family in 1948. Family patriarch Bernard Lewis is still its Chairman, despite his being now in his eighties. His son Clive as Deputy Chairman and nephew Ben as CEO are now in day to day charge of the business.

In addition to key physical high-street locations River Island has a strong internet presence, where all its merchandise can be purchased online and shipped basically anywhere in the world. And if you don’t like it you can simply send it back.

The key to River Island’s longevity has been the ability to, chameleon-like, adapt to changing fashion eras and economic circumstances, and thus always stay relevant to succeeding generations of shoppers.

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - August 12,    2013

In the vanguard of its relevance to today is its brand Ambassadress singing super star Rihanna, who first created her own fashion collection for just River Island for their 2013 spring collection. A big success, Rihanna is repeating the exercise for Fall and also now promoting it herself in a very big way.

Now we know why Rihanna pursued rival retailer Sir Phillip Green, who owns Topshop, in court earlier this year for ripping off her image, printed on t-shirts which were sold in his chain, without her approval. To many people’s surprise, as the photographs were taken in public and remained legally the copyright of the photographer under UK law, she won the case. It must be her beautiful green eyes – which indeed do mesmerize everybody…..



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