Published On: Sat, Jul 13th, 2013

Top 9 Chinese Industries Of Interest To Israeli Companies / New Series (7)

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In a previous article on trade with China, I stated that many Israeli companies could have strong potential in the Chinese market. Over the next several days I will provide snap-shots of some of the most rapidly growing industry groups in China, which I believe could be targeted by Israeli businesses . This time:




Public Security

With the impetus of the “Smart City Concepts”, “Safe City Project” and “Harmonious and Stable Society Project”, China security industry keeps a very high rate growth over the past years.

According to statistics, the market size increased more than 40% reached about $32.62 billion. The industrial chain has been widened and the industrial structure also shows to a new feature. Security service provider has got a rapid development, on the other hand, various kinds of intermediary services, risk assessment services, construction supervision services, emergency management, anti-terrorism technology, performance assessment services and products & projects maintenance services all have started and developed. Chinese government attaches more and more importance on public security, and the scope of public security applications become more and more widely.

Market demand of government agencies, financial agencies, shopping centers, transportation agencies, education agencies, exhibition, museum, and other public places experienced sustained and rapid growth; there are large-scale applications in dozens of departments like telecommunications, oil, electricity, water, industrial and mining enterprises, forest fire prevention, also lots of new demands like communities and public facilities and so on; along with the growth of the “Safe City Project”, market demands from second and third level cities begin growth.

Government is the biggest consumer of this industry, the police and prison purchased a large amount of safety and security products for its crime control system and correctional facilities.

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About the Author

- Benjamin Peng is a global business advisor and consultant, based in Shanghai. He is the founder of Chinabridge International Business Consultancy. Mr. Peng has been monitoring closely the Israel-China business relationship.

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