New security development : Fence Monitoring Robot

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Magal, an Israeli developer  for peripheral intrusion detection systems, has developed Fence Monitoring Robot (Roboguard) – a small motorized Robot, installed on a rail close to the peripheral fence, carrying payloads like cameras, intercom and communication equipment.

Normally, the Robot moves constantly in slow motion along the fence looking for suspicious events, but when an alarm on fence intrusion is obtained, it runs quickly to the suspected place and assists in verifying the alarm, following the suspect person and establishing a verbal communication with the intruder via intercom.

VP marketing of Magal, Hagay Katz, said that the new Robot attracts much interest from customers who need to defend critical border areas, and from jail organizations, where the daily routine patrol is considered a burden upon the personnel, while immediate reaction is needed in each case of fence alarm.

Magal is an old and experienced company, providing comprehensive solutions for defending critical sites in many countries around the world, focusing on outdoor solutions for airports, harbors, borders, jails, and water and Energy infrastructures. A typical solution includes a variety of electronic equipment, such as smart fences, cameras, communications and command and control systems. Recently, the company added a cyber defense package to its solutions repertoire.

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