Published On: Tue, May 28th, 2013

Seed Technologies has a Hot Pepper on its Hands

/ By Ilan Shavit /
Seeds Technologies DM Ltd., reports a new hybrid pepper for European markets has been developed and is ready for markets.
 Established in 1996 Seed Technologies  has extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing and processing of seeds.  The company produces and improves a wide range of hybrid vegetable varieties and performs germination and genetic purity tests according to International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) regulations. Seed Technologies has advanced facilities for seed treatment as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory, which conducts germination tests in order to upgrade seed potential.
The company sells a complete range of seeds for fruits and vegetables including tomatoes peppers and melons, for spices and, as well, for field crops to over thirty different countries around the world. The cocmpany is located in Kfar Rut which is in the Modiin region of Israel, where the company’s hothouses spread over about 40, 000 square metres and where the new variety of pepper has just been developed.
New Variety of Alabama Pepper

Results of trials show that this new variety produces about 10 tonnes of peppers for every 1, 000 square metres of land under optimum growing conditions.  Other findings have shown that the new variety is resistant to the TSWV and L4 type viruses.  This new pepper variety has a long shelf life, has a good taste and is to an export quality suitable for the high standards of every European country.

Seed Technologies CEO and controlling shareholder is Dudu Marziano, the company’s owner, and he reports  that many resources and innovative ideas were invested in developing the new pepper for purposes of adapting the new variety to growing conditions in the Arava, and to obtain a high quality fruit that complies with the requirements of European target markets.

He also says that the price of these new pepper seeds to growers will be lower by about 40% than the current market price today. This lower price will likely offer a significant contribution to the growers’ profitability which is especially important after the difficult export season that the Arava suffered last year in 2012.  The lower seed prices should reduce growers’ costs significantly: the new pepper seed prices are NIS 0.8 for a single seed as compared with NIS 1.2-1.5 which is today’s customary unit seed price.  If you add to this the additional yield per unit area of land, as well as the more effective disease resistance, the price of the final pepper is projected to be 50% below current market prices – with the extra advantage of the new pepper’s really excellent taste being a bonus.

This is clearly an example where good husbandry can provide productivity improvements in agriculture every bit as good as those you find in hi-tech.



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