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April 2013 : winds of war. Be aware of the Korean Dragon

/ By Pnina Katz /

Kim Jong-un – Danger to the World

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 After looking at Kim Jong-un’s chart, I came to realize that he must be taken seriously: he is not making threats just to impress others.  Kim Jong-un is overconfident and has a tendency to gamble on (what he perceives as) the stupidity of others; he also has in him a generous measure of cruelty.

His map is harshly potent and is a combination of the signs of Capricorn, Scorpio and Sagittarius, which brings to mind two individuals: Ahmadinejad and Stalin.  What they all have in common is, from the Sagittarius aspect, the tendency to fanatics, a similar degree of exaggerated self-confidence, arrogance and the disdain of others; from Scorpio, hostility, animosity and cruelty; and from Capricorn, the qualities of being cold and calculating as well as self-interested.

Kim Jong-un’s chart indicates that he is endowed with an ability to be practical.  When I placed his chart next to Obama’s it became clear that he perceives Obama as his greatest challenge.  He feels justified in, and is capable of, launching an attack.  (Ironically, they are both very fond of basketball.)


A man whose rules of the game are very different than anyone else’s has arrived on the scene and he will do what he pleases.  Though he is sly and self-interested, which at times is affiliated with pragmatism, this one exhibits a combination of megalomania, fantasy and paranoia – reminiscent of Stalin’s chart.  He is one of those who like to play by themselves, with their own rules of the game, cooperating with others only when it is opportune for them to take advantage of a given circumstance or situation.  Despite his tender age – or maybe because of it – he is dangerous and is liable to devolve the world into a world war with innumerable casualties.


Kin Jong-un’s Pluto is in Scorpio.  It forms an aspect of 90° of Obama’s Mercury in Leo (indicating a mental capacity gap with and distaste of Obama’s intellectual predisposition).  Kin Jong-un’s Saturn is at 90° to Obama’s sun in Leo and the former sees the latter as a jailor who deprives him of liberty (by imposing economic sanctions).  Jong-un’s Mercury is in Capricorn, facing Obama’s Venus in Cancer.  Thus, the confrontation might be inevitable.


Obama’s need for world peace plays into the hands of a crazed leader, who will not stop at anything en route to acquiring a greater level of control, a tendency accentuated by the stinging humiliation he feels as a result of the sanctions.  He is the one who makes decisions in his country, unlike Ahmadinejad, who must submit reports to the Supreme leader and his circle of minions.


In 2013 There are Three Junctions Indicating an Economic Crisis, Danger of Violence from Human and Natural Sources, and a Local War that might Spread


2013 represents a world crisis starting with the economic aspect which serves, in one way or another, to encourage nuclear armament; terrorist organizations, which would band together and pose threats; and the danger posed by more than average extreme natural disasters (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions).  The junctures in time where crises would reach a nadir are between 21-29 March, 23-30 July and December 21 till its 27th.  The air is charged with threats of danger, such as the delivery of nuclear missiles and incessant acquisition of nuclear weapons.


Going back, for the moment, to the threat of world war, the last week of March will be particularly difficult and charged with aggression in the Middle East and would have many casualties.  All this stems from the danger of unusual, surprising terrorist attacks, a threat of local war that might expand into a regional violent conflict and the deterioration of the relationship in the Territories (West bank and Gaza Strip) creating a danger of a continuing Intifada.


April 2013


This month starts with a dramatic and exact aspect of the sun-Pluto of 90° relations.  This aspect heralds a crisis that may have a domino effect on the world economy.

The events occurring during the last few days of March, especially in the European Union and particularly in Cyprus will continue to exacerbate anxieties regarding escalation of difficulties regarding the Euro and I reiterate what I’ve already said in 2011: “Till the summer of 2013, conclusions will have to be reached as to the ending of this forced coalition.”


Cyprus as a micro depiction of Europe

The natal chart of Cyprus is set on 16 August 1960 at midnight in Nicosia.

According to this chart, the house of money is in Cancer, which stands for the state’s income from providing services, tourism, beaches, archaeology and the high seas (e.g., shipping).


In April the need and the pressure to disengage from the European Union will grow stronger.  The Cypriotes might return to the streets to protest.  This aspect will repeat between September and October 2013 and that might be when the final disengagement from the EU would occur.

Cyprus, however, is but an allegory of the rest of the European countries (meaning, members of the EU).

Even more dramatic aspects begin by the end of March and will persist throughout April.  This has to do with a tense period world-wide.  The Middle East is unstable and any day one might expect eruptions and events arising from any which direction.

Africa is experiencing an uprising at present (e.g., Kenya, Mali).


North Korea is threatening to deliver missiles at U.S. Military bases in the pacific (Hawaii, Guam) as well as at targets in South Korea and Japan.


April events will be characterized by a rapid and aggressive nature.  A new round of economic crises is anticipated, due to protest and the disintegration of old economic frameworks.


The big players in the stock markets will play in an unstable field and one should beware of them.  If indeed a major war will occur, the trade in metal (on the commodities market) will experience sways in April and will be particularly troublesome in regard to iron and other metals used for the production of implements of war.


Important business dates in April:

April 2nd till 14 April serve as occasion for quick, short term opportunities.  Entrepreneurs will have to make quick decisions of short term duration.  These will be good days for sales and marketing.

On 14 April, events will gallop in the areas of sales, marketing and advertising (promotion) as well as initiatives to form strategic arrays of sales and marketing.

Between 15 and 22 April a sense of financial pessimism and disappointments will prevail, especially between 19-22 of April.

On 20 April the location of Mars in Taurus is less than ideal and might cause financial affairs to get stuck and for relevant energies to flow less harmoniously.  When Mars enters Taurus and will be opposite Saturn, the level of financial frustration might reach new heights.

Between 22-25 April: Harmonious Aspect.  Profits’ realization.  This period is good for a successful sale and rise in income.


The Difficult Days from a Financial Aspect in the World:

The days between 26-29 April will be in a disharmonious aspect, particularly adverse economically.  These will be days of pessimism, new austere economic measures might be slapped and affect the mood in markets in Israel; these may occur on top of military events and threats which, combined, might cause financial crises in certain areas and falling markets.

An atmosphere of economic gloom regarding banks and this aspect might be a negative marker as to banking laws and in relation to mortgages and interest rates.

During 1-2 May days of renewed optimism and a yearning for economic renewal.  It will be good for profits from investments and the areas of real estate and banking.





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