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Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio until 7 July 2013

By Pnina Katz

 Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio until 7 July 2013

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Saturn, being in retrograde till 7 July 2013, will slow down your pace to allow you to test new approaches and strategic moves.  During this period you will also regulate physical and psychological energies, a process that started in October 2012, when Saturn first moved in with Scorpio.

Starting on 18 February, Saturn commenced its retrograde movement and, accordingly, slowed down its moves and its normal activity, which usually progresses forward with well-planned strategic moves.

This is a planet that also rules our physical aspect — the structure and the skeleton — as well as that psychological aspect that lends a support system to our ability to sustain difficult situations and patiently endures protracted struggles.

When Saturn goes into retrograde it shifts from being an engine that operates with constant speed and power to an engine that is in need of readjustment, a tune up if you may.

Saturn, in its alignment (which varies according to one’s sign, the house where Saturn was at birth and specific location on one’s personal chart) performs deep seeded work and therefore needs two and a half years of stay in each sign so that it can reach the apex of it influence and dynamic contribution.

Its activity has to do, first and foremost, with physical infrastructure and activity related to the psychological processes of constructing self-worth and self-esteem.  The achievements become discernible later on, manifesting in work, image, socially, in financial rewards and also in the ability to cope with pressure.

When one has, during his moment of birth, Saturn in retrograde, he constantly creates a want that has to be filled up.  Those are born when Saturn in retrograde, work hard constantly, and never come to a lull to readjust and becalmed.  Thus, usually, they will say “yes” to whatever is asked of them due to the ceaseless need to prove their ability.  There is an erroneous theory that claims that such status – of Saturn in retrograde at birth – evinces a basic lack of confidence, I however find that Saturn tends to be genetic and those born thus usually have one parent with the same manifestation, which is the cause of this motif.


As Saturn in retrograde, disengagement and isolation, for sake of decision-making, is of considerable import.

Between 30 April and 2 May and again between 1-4 July, while Saturn is in retrograde and opposite Mars, it is imperative to avoid commitments and financial decisions.

Under the influence of Saturn in retrograde there is a distinct tendency to revisit open issues and bring projects to their conclusion, to process data regarding anything that has been neglected and was left incomplete.  Saturn in retrograde returns in the role of an inner master sergeant to examine the holes in the net, the mishaps, see what was done without sufficient depth, an authentic need for examination, second look, perspective and treatment of root causes of processes that purportedly were completed already.

Saturn in retrograde allows us to be selective.  Reject issues and ideas we have taken upon ourselves and live d to regret not having said, “No” to something that did not seem fitting for us.  It enables us to go back and undue a commitment — including those concerning marriage — a given project or employment.  To acknowledge that all those things we took upon ourselves and which have caused us frustration, disappointment and lack of comprehensiveness.

When Saturn is in retrograde, one does not start a new business.  Under such conditions, you will not be able to properly appreciate what it all entails thus the failure occurs when making the decision, already.  Eventually, you are liable to find yourself endlessly preparing toward a path that leads nowhere – a waste of time, resources and energy.

Saturn in Scorpio specifically relates to the 8th House, the house of finance, banks, a mate’s money, partners, economic manipulations, investments and the like.  Accordingly, it is highly recommended to avoid entanglements in these areas till July 2013, when Saturn will resume to forward movement.

When Saturn does that you will feel having gotten stronger and more cohesive due to having contemplated circumstances and having coped with them realistically.  Decision made in the wake of the time when Saturn was in retrograde are precise and authentic.


Aries – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 8th House — the house of finance, the psychological house, the house of partnerships.  Its retrograde period enables a person in this sign to make correct economic decisions, appropriate for financial circumstances, in every way.


Taurus – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 7th House — the house of partners and relationships, a public house.  Its retrograde period enables a person in this sign to minister to relationships and ties and even retract matrimonial commitments, especially under circumstances where it’s particularly difficult to say “no.”

Gemini – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 6th House – the house of work and routine, normal functioning and health.  Its retrograde period enables a person with this sign to make complete changes at his work and routines and become more genuine at work and in relationships related to one’s employment.

Cancer– Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 5th House – the house related to children, creativity, investments, romantic activity.  While in retrograde period it enables a person in this sign to deal with problems related to their children or to domestic matters, in a more rational and managed manner.

Leo – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 4th House – the house related to one’s domicile, family, matters that start and end with existence.  Its retrograde period enables a person in this sign to end one chapter and start another.

 Virgo – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 3rd House – the house of education, travel, communications and work necessitating mobility.  Its retrograde period enables a person in Virgo to effect a change regarding decisions made in these areas.

Libra – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 2nd House – the house of relating to money, comfort, anxieties and obsessions.  Its retrograde period enables a person of this sign to restructure his personal finances and get reorganized in a manner that is better thought out.

Scorpio – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the first House – the house that deals with initiating changes, shifts and transfers, new positions or employment, moving to a new residence or materializing a potential relationship.  Its retrograde period enables a Scorpio to reexamine decisions, commitments and ascertain what he really wants and what he does not.

 Sagittarius – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 12th House – the house relating to that subconscious aspect that processes psychological, emotional and mental elements that facilitate shifts in one’s image and self-perception.  Its retrograde period enables a person in this sign to make deep changes regarding one’s inner image.

Capricorn – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 11th House – the house associated with public image, the manner one relates to social issues and priorities during time of leisure.  Its retrograde period enables a person of this sign to make social changes and changes related to one’s image.

Aquarius – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 10th House – the house connected to work matters and career.  Its retrograde period enables an Aquarius to prepare for changes related to his work, employment or occupation, including a shift to a different position.

Pisces – Saturn in Scorpio will be in the 9th House – the house associated with education, new professional development, promoting ideas and work with elements located abroad.  Its retrograde period enables a person in this sign to evolve new ideas regarding schooling and its purpose, rethinking whether to take a trip abroad for a protracted period of time or whether to further one’s professional advancement.


How would Saturn in Scorpio affect the state of Israel?

Saturn in Scorpio appears in the position of Israel’s obvious and notorious foe (Israel is in Taurus) thus till July we may expect an intifada (uprising by the Palestinians) or similar events that relate to frustration and unwillingness to reach an accord as to circumstances in the West Bank by extremists on both sides and also in relationships with our enemies at the borders.

Saturn also stands for an aspect of the establishment, representative institutions, i.e., the Kneset (Israel parliament) and the cabinet.  The retrograde period enables rethinking, redistribution of energies that have accumulated during the last few months and their channeling into the right places.

Can a government be formed (following the last elections) under these conditions?  Not a stable one.  While Saturn is in retrograde there could be no good new institutional beginnings as a result of the waste of energy or due to energetic diffusion and strength dissipation occurring during such a period.

This period enables the people and the power establishment to reorganize and make fundamental decisions as to the character of the country.

Does it mean we are going to have new elections between July and October?




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