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Saturn in Scorpio – Mr. Destiny Comes to Visit. How Will it Affect Us?


By Pnina Katz /

 Saturn entered Scorpio on October 7, 2012 and will stay there until September 18, 2015 – What does that mean?

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Global impact:

Saturn is responsible for important decisions in life and for the repair of damages. Scorpio’s entry into the Eighth House will affect the economic sphere of activity and its impact on the international plateau will be highly consequential.

It will take Saturn two years to ameliorate the effects of the economic crisis that started in 2008. The process will be gradual; however, the changes will be profound and, as stated, the process is expected to end on September 18, 2015.

Saturn’s influence will be felt globally by all inhabitants, it will affect entire countries. It will work as a mirror that will provide a realistic reflection of the actual state of economic resources. The result, there might even be an utter economic collapse at the crisis’ nadir. The party is over. It’s time to land back down to earth and lead a life with both feet squarely on the ground.

At present, the consequences of the global economic crisis will continue to shake us up. In some countries there has already been a significant decrease in the standard of living, while in another part of the planet wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of financial institutions (e.g., banks) and corporation of great economic power, which are still trying in every conceivable way to hold on to and play with the public’s collective wealth.

The global Eighth House deals with natural resources: food (commodities such as wheat, corn, etc.), minerals used in industry and energy resources (metals, oil, and its products, chemicals and gas).

Saturn will deliver global awakening by which we will understand that the foundation of life is in danger and only significant conservation measures and strict monitoring would prevent their depletion and eventual eradication.

Saturn will be present (in Scorpio) during both dramatic and difficult events, as it was during the previous round, between 1982-1985.


Impact in Israel (between 1982-1985):

Israel was compelled to deal with the damaging consequences of the Peace for Galilee campaign, and the public had to bear the cost. During that period (1983) the bank shares’ crisis also occurred, causing the public to lose faith in banks and in the Israeli stock market exchange.

when Saturn was last in Scorpio other dramatic events took place, such as: publication of the Cohen Commission findings as to the on the Sabra and Shatila massacres (in Lebanon), and the resignation of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who sank into a deep depression due to outcome of the Peace for Galilee campaign. All these events relate to the Eighth House, the house of economy and war.

Whoever is not yet convinced, note that during a previous round of such visit by Saturn, between 1953- 1956, a policy of austerity was implemented in Israel, Ben Gurion announced his resignation as Prime Minister, and the Sinai War (known also as the Sinai Campaign) took place.


Impact in the U.S. and the U.K. (between 1982-1985):

During 1982-1983 the U.S. experienced a major economic downturn: inflation was galloping at 16%, there were 70 bank failures, 12 million people were unemployed – the highest number since the great depression –, savings were at an all time low and mortgage foreclosures at an all time high, and the real estate market caved in.

It was essentially the same in the UK. Inflation of 8.6%, the UK was dragged into a shooting war in the Falklands, and IRA terrorist struck at the heart of London.


Current Economic Outlook:

Economic processes will lead to a reining in of the monopolies (and oligopolies) that control the financial industry; public protests will blossom into uprisings that will continue until a significant and genuine change in all social and economic strata shall have occurred. The money will be liberated from the hands of tycoons and corporate monstrosities and it will vest, once more, in the hands of the people.


Employment and Banking:

Saturn, as stated, has entered Scorpio, however, at the same time Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, will be situated in Capricorn, in an aspect of positive interaction.

This forms a very broad common denominator as the two zodiac signs (Scorpio and Capricorn) depicting a stable, friendly relationship between them.  The signs of Capricorn and Scorpio relate to hard working, ambition, perseverance, diligence and accomplishments that entail much effort.

The meaning of all of this is that at least three difficult years are awaiting us, but they bring with them great opportunity for correcting that which is in need of such. Because Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes obsessiveness and desire for power and control, we can expect a period of many power struggles.

Specifically, this will manifest, for example, in conflicts between workers and employers that will even reach the courts pitting employees against employers. Associations of workers who would actively oppose cartels and banks will rise up seeking to remove the yoke of interest, commissions and fees which have become a great burden on the shoulders of the public. Changes will occur in the manner mortgages are granted, and there may even be a comprehensive change of the manner by which system of taxation is managed, in relation to both individuals and corporate entities.

Likewise, a trend is foreseen where employees will take over management of their own companies and a growing tendency for creating employment based on the principle of cooperatives, in which employees will receive shares and will be part owners of their workplace. This will be a protracted process that may take years till the idea shall be properly assimilated, due to an anticipation of a protracted conflict between the two sides.

Under these weighty planetary influences, inclined in the direction of shaking off the power of banks and financial institutions which are currently suffocating the individual in every which way, be it through loans, debt, interest rates and overdraft, entrapping the individual and rendering him helpless, unable to escape such deliberately set vicious circle of financial subjugation.

When Saturn is in Scorpio, one is prompted to do battle on every issue one finds essential, as if fighting for his life, and will do everything not to lose anything and stay in control. However, he will be careful with regard to his economic and physical survival. At the end, like a phoenix, which is actually the Sphinx resurrected after death / crisis, he awakens and it all starts over again.

Like a snake molts its skin, it is necessary to lose the old skin in order to acquire a new one. In other words, to undergo a deep transformation something must die so that a new part may be born.

Saturn expects integrity and does not settle for anything less.

With Saturn in Scorpio we are in a state of affairs where much attention will be focused on dishonesty of banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and their shady, even criminal conduct, the prevailing fraud and embezzlement in their halls. Many find it difficult to face the fact that the financial feast is over.

Unemployment will deepen. Dearth of rainfall and drought will cause widespread hunger in the world. Another distinct phenomenon would be the flourishing of tough anti-immigration policies. Borders will close. The dismantling of the European Union is upon us as part of the continuing process of disintegration of the artificial economic frameworks that are no longer social-economically relevant.

A growth will occur in migration of vast populations to rural areas, to nature; where they would build life in small communities based on sharing (communes) and living through barter in food and other materials. Life will be much more materially modest with better opportunities for quality time.

This lifestyle will facilitate independent food production and job creation. Uranus is Aries will continue to break down any rigid structure rooted in inequity. Accordingly, new economic methods are likely, which will enable equal opportunities for all while everyone participates in the construction process, in creating and sharing profits.

Consumerism when Saturn is in Scorpio:

Astrologically, Saturn rules the realm of trade and when it arrives at Scorpio it becomes measured and considered and examines consumerism analytically. There is then a rejection of consumerism for sake consumerism. Thus, the trend toward greater level of consumption will reverse and decline considerably during the next two and a half years; the market will shrink and will become more rational and better defined. Everything will be better calculated, reasoned, avoiding the waste of time and energy on irrational products. True enough, such trend has a tendency toward tightfistedness and cutting back, it will however be in conformity with the times in which the world is becoming poorer, more rational as to its energy resources and the need to avoid waste for its own sake.

Natural disasters and wars:

Saturn in Scorpio and in relation to Uranus, would generate, more intensely, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. There is a high probability of a drought that would affect many regions of the world, as it were during the previous round. When Saturn visited Scorpio, between 1982-1985, four million people died in Ethiopia from starvation.  In the years 1984-1985the AIDS epidemic occurred and it wiped out millions around the world. Mexico City suffered an earthquake that was 8.1 on the Richter scale and about 9, 000 people perished.  A volcano erupted in Colombia, killing 25, 000.  A typhoon in the Philippines snuffed the life of 3, 000 men, women and children.

Keeping Scores — Hate is Strong as Death.

Saturn in Scorpio would awaken the darkest impulse for settling scores (Scorpio never forgets) it steps on wounds and fan the flame of hatred. Thus fires of wars burn brightly when Saturn is in Scorpio especially where ancient accounts drag unsettled, as in the case of Israel and the Arab states or the agitation of the Arabs states’ own internal problems. Since the Palestinians are controlled by Scorpio they, too, desire change, a departure from the status quo.

When Saturn visited Scorpio the last time – 1982-1985 Peace for Galilee War took place, as did the Falklands War, a bloody war occurred in Zimbabwe, the missile crisis (between Syria and Israel) and hundreds of acts of terrorism: the IRA causing dozens of deaths in England, a car bomb in Beirut, the terrorist takeover of the Achillé  Laura, the hijacking of TWA Flight 847 by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad terrorists, the crash of a Boeing 747 in Japan.

Saturn’s achievements when Visiting with Scorpio:

Scorpio has a lot to do with sex. During the last round, AIDS came to the awareness of the masses. Meanwhile the life extending cocktail for AIDS’ patients has been discovered, and there is a chance of finding a vaccine. Scorpio also rules herpes, which now may become completely curable. There may be additional discoveries of vaccines for genetic diseases, especially since the human genome has been mapped between visits of Saturn in Scorpio.

Scorpio also deals with the mental aspect of life, with psychological regeneration and is able to gradually create adeep conceptual changes among entire peoples, leading to heightened awareness of their rights when facing authority, power, and powerful economic entities.

Saturn in Scorpio on the Personal Level:

Saturn puts a mirror before those who fear intimacy and closeness. One of the most complicated things for a Scorpio is having to deal with, share and demonstrate emotions and weaknesses.

Scorpios tend to be impatient when Saturn is in their sign. They are intense and flood their surrounding with their energies. Their willpower and passion are overwhelming and nothing will stand in their way when they want something, nonetheless they will demonstrate stability, their moves will be calculated and partial as they make their moves.

Saturn stay in Scorpio will cause Scorpios to become secretive. They will not accept unfair treatment, will react aggressively and forcefully when they perceive an inequity. They will express possessiveness, be intense and will always have some accomplishment tucked under their belt.

Scorpios fear rejection of any kind. They are afraid of being exploited and thus may act bluntly in order to camouflage any weakness that may, to their mind, be exploited. They will hide their intentions and pursue their goals in a highly disguised manner. They will fight and be devious and vengeful and they must learn how to relax.












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