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Israeli People’s New Declaration of Independence 2023

The new Declaration of Independence abolishes the racist laws and all the absurd moves Netanyahu tried to put in us. He is outdated and irrelevant.

After voting in the Knesset 64-0 (Whatsapp)

Dr. Haim Assa

The Israeli people arose in the State of Israel, where their spiritual, religious, and political character was shaped, where they lived the life of a state commune, created national and universal cultural assets, and bequeathed the eternal book of books to the entire world.

This is the proposed new opening in 2023 for the first Declaration of Independence that was designed in 1948.

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75 years after David Ben-Gurion presented the first Declaration, the second Declaration was born, the whole novelty of which lies in the first verse. In the original from 1948, it was written: “In the Land of Israel the Jewish people arose,” and in 2023: “In the State of Israel the Israeli people arose in which their spiritual, religious and political character was shaped, in which they lived the life of a state commune.”

All other paragraphs in the Declaration of Independence remain unchanged in the new Declaration of Independence.

As the Jewish people rose, so exactly did the Israeli people rise – it revealed itself to an opponent while fighting a life-and-death battle. A fight that looks like the “Battle of the Cowards” (the Chicken Game), only this time, unlike in 1948, the opponent is not an external opponent but part of the Jewish people. Even then, in ’48, as nowadays in 2023, the opponent had an advantage. Even then, as nowadays, they thought they owned this land.

But the Israeli people, like the Jewish people before them, have consistently shown that they are not afraid to fight for their freedom and homeland. They have always been willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives, for their beliefs.

And so, in 2023, the Israeli people are once again fighting for their lives and homeland. They are fighting against an opponent determined to destroy them, but they will not give up. They will not surrender. They will not be defeated.

The Israeli people are strong and resilient people. They have faced many challenges throughout history but have always overcome them.

They will overcome this challenge as well. They will emerge victorious and build a better future for themselves and their children.

The identity of the two opponents in the campaign we are witnessing has been revealed: on the one hand Binyamin Netanyahu and his far-right ministers Simcha Rothman, Yariv Levin, and several others. A group that creates a bureaucratic dictatorship through a bureaucratic revolution (as opposed to revolutions carried out by sects of interested parties).

On the other hand, the people of the protest, who have become familiar with their intellectual backbone, are led by an unprecedented and revolutionary mixing between the seventy and older with the younger generation, those who experienced the Yom Kippur war as fighters – along with their sons and their grandchildren.

The Seventies are the Yom Kippur (’73) warfighters, who ran to the hell of the fire on the Egyptian and Syrian lines and stopped the enemy with their bodies. This war on both fronts claimed the lives of nearly 3000 dead and tens of thousands of post-traumatic young people. Not for reasons that the foreign adversary tried to dictate but to fight with their friends.

These are the Israelis. They are friends.

Those are the Israeli people who revolutionized the Jewish state. They inspired other nations that foreign tribes tried and sometimes even succeeded in imposing a dictatorship on them (see Poland, Hungary, etc.).

The critical phase of the birth of the new Israeli identity was created when young people began to take the civic miracle from the hands of the adults and began to show what they knew how to do. They are Fighter pilots, Golani fighters, members of the special units, high-tech people, economics, academia, research, and science – all of them. They showed that there will be no dictatorship here in the State of Israel.

24.7.23 – the morning after, on NYT front page: fight for life

This part of the Israeli people revolutionized the Jewish state. They inspired other nations that foreign tribes tried and sometimes even succeeded in imposing a dictatorship on them (see Poland, Hungary, etc.).

The bureaucratic dictatorship that is raised in front of us like an ax is cellophane paper that will burn in the blink of an eye. It is nothing but a facade, a thin veneer that will not withstand the scrutiny of the people.

No matter what the Knesset passes, it cannot enforce its laws if the people do not support them. The Knesset is like a bank that no longer has customers. It is a hollow institution that is no longer relevant.

The Netanyahu government is like an insignificant scarecrow, despite its high status. A paper tiger will be easily defeated if the people rise against it.

The people of Israel are awake. They are not going to let Netanyahu and his cronies destroy their country. They have a long and proud history of fighting for their freedom and their democracy. They have never given up, even in the face of great adversity. And they will not give up now.

This chicken game has been decided – because there will be no dictatorship. It won’t exist even if thousands of young people and adults are put in pens, beaten until they bleed, and have water sprayed on them from hoses from ridiculous Makhtaziots. Makhtaziots are effective against ultra-Orthodox or “moment” protesters, not against protesters who are fighting for their lives on their independence day.

This amazing spirit can no longer be subdued. They are no longer demonstrative. They are fighters driven by a clear and unmistakable idea – an idea they were exposed to in recent weeks – that Israeli democracy is in their DNA. They are the core of the Jewish and democratic state.

It doesn’t matter if they are fighter pilots, bank clerks, Golani fighters, or high-tech people – they are all immersed in DNA. The democratic, and more importantly – they got to know him again. They found out that they were. They discovered that they were Israelis.

The Economist

The ridiculousness of Netanyahu, the magician’s attempts to turn the bowl, is reaching its peak. He invents terms and concepts from the old world and tries to derive and stick ideas like anarchists and refuseniks to a group of fighters. And he doesn’t realize that he is standing in front of a massive wall that blocks his old magic tricks and crumbles them into thousands of balloons of ridiculousness.

All this is when he is caught in the dark, not understanding that this wall is not a new nation but a nation being revealed to his consciousness. He is passionate about it, and it cannot be taken from him.


Netanyahu needs to understand this cognitive revolution. Otherwise, he is outdated and irrelevant. He is surrounded by old-fashioned people who think in terms of the eighties or nineties, such as Levin and several other conceptual descendants of Rabbi Kahana. They strive to implement legal ideas they developed years ago, hoping that now was the opportunity. And no, this is a dramatic mistake on their part. You, Netanyahu, will be defeated and remembered for a lifetime.

The renewed declaration of independence abolishes the nationality law, banishes all the ridiculous moves that Rothman and Levin tried to plant in us, banishes and destroys the bureaucratic dictatorship, and does not leave even a grain of it.

Dr. Haim Assa was the campaign strategist of Yitzhak Rabin (1992) and Tzipi Livni (2009). He served as a national security advisor in the Rabin government. Chairman of a high-tech company Sayiqan, and head of the laboratory for strategic war games at Tel Aviv University.



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