Tesla Opens First Israel Charging Station

Its located in Tel Aviv.

Tesla Israel (Israelvclub Instagram)

Electric car company Tesla has come to Israel. The company just opened its first charging station in the country, located in the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv. It has six charging points and Tesla claims it takes just a few minutes to charge cars. Charging a Tesla 3, says the company, so that it can travel 120 kilometers (75 miles) takes just five minutes.

Tesla expects to soon open charging station in Haifa, Beer Sheva and Eilat too. The company was given the greenlight to market its cars in Israel just a few months ago. It will offer the Tesla Model S, to be sold in both a 506 horsepower and a 707 horsepower version; the Model 3, equipped with a 390 horsepower engine; and the Model X six-seater, with a 707 horsepower engine.

Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle development for years now. The whole world is now moving toward electric cars. Countries like China have set deadlines in the future for the continued sale of gasoline powered cars. So have U.S. states like California. After the deadline it will no longer be legal to sell gas powered cars. Certainly smaller gas vehicle will no longer be sold, but maybe trucks and buses will continue, for now, to operate on diesel.

The world is already changing. Even the big three American auto makers are moving towards making just electric vehicles. The only thing delaying the switch over is an infrastructure issue. Most nations do not yet have the electrical grid capacity to provide enough electricity for all of those electric cars. And countries need to start investing in new recharging stations for electric cars.

Israel Tesla(Israelvclub Instagram)

Well Tesla has invested in its own charging stations around the world. The company already has more than 6,000 Superchargers across Europe, including over 600 in the UK and Ireland.

The charging stations in Israel will cost people just one shekel (about 33 Cents) per kilowatt-hour. So a full recharge of a Tesla 3 car will cost about NIS 60-80 (roughly $18-25). This price, of course, depends on the electricity rates in the country. Israel’s power company just announced a raise in rates.

But everywhere you go you see more and more solar power panels and windmills. And Israel has always been at the forefront of developing alternative energies. It also has access to a wealth of natural gas with its new Mediterranean gas fields. So electricity prices in the country may start to drop and come more from renewable sources. Also, new tech may even allow such car charging stations to create their own power, to a certain extent, from the sun and wind.

Electric cars can also be fitted with their own solar charging panels.

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