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Things to consider while relocating your pet internationally

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Moving overseas is quite an exciting event in life but at the same time, it is very stressful because you have to complete a long list of tasks in a short duration and you have a keep track of everything around. And the process becomes even more difficult when you have to relocate with your pet. Just imagine whether your pet can spend eight to ten hours on a flight? Of course, it will go to be very difficult for your pet and you have to prepare your pet.

The best international moving companies state that you have to consider the health as well as the mental stress of your pet during transit therefore, make sure you take proper precautions. So if you are also planning to relocate overseas with your pet then this guide might help you to have a successful journey.

  1. Make your pet wear identification

Ensure that your pet wear the identification while traveling.Your pet might also get lost just like your baggage during the transportation. Nothing could be more horrible than this. So, it is recommended you to make your pet wear the identification which includes the name of the pet, destination address, contact number and the necessary details.

  • Research about abroad

Before you reach there at the new place, it is recommended you to research everything about the abroad.You can also contact to a local person and can ask questions regarding the community. You should choose a community to live where pets are allowed to stay.

  • Keep all your documents handy

Prepare all your pet’s documents before the time. Sometime, the entire process could take up to 6 months so start at the same time when you decide to move with your pet internationally. These documents might contain the vaccinations, tests reports, and all the other documentation requirements. You should keep all the airline documents and country documents handy.

  • Check the global standards for the pet relocation

There are certain rules and regulations that one has to follow to relocate pet to a new country. You should first understand the global standard to relocate your pet. You should access the pet professional companies who are working in transferring the pets globally since many years.

  • Tell the right details about your pet

Once you decide the airline, it is time to tell them the details of your pet. Make sure you should tell the correct size of your pet and then only you will get the crate according to the pet size and then only your pet can comfortably sit, stand naturally, and can feel comfortable during the entire transit.

  • Come up with a timeline

To import a pet, most of the countries require a complete sequence of medical tests. You have to do everything at the right time else you may find yourself in a big problem. Like to bring the animal to Japan, the entire process to satisfy the requirements will take at least six months. At different stages, different tests had to be done such as a microchip, blood tests, and so on but for different animals, different tests had been prescribed.

  • Stay in contact with your pet’s vet

To prepare your vet for a long travel, make sure you stay in contact with the pet’s vet. Only vet can help your in pet in getting prepared both mentally and physically so that traveling long would not affect the health of the pet.

  • Read up all the traveling regulations for pet

You should research the airline’s regulations for pet travel. Once you decide the airline in which you want to transport your pet then it is time to know all the details of the airline. You should tell the correct size of your pet and then only you will allow the crate according to the pet size and can feel comfortable during transit.

  • Prepare your budget

Apart from all these things, you should be ready to pay a huge cost for the transfer of your pet because transferring a pet overseas is really very expensive and you also have to pay cost such as medical test charges and a lot others. Make sure you prepare a budget well before the move.

After all, your pet is your family too!!!

A pet becomes an important part of your family soon therefore it is your responsibility to transport your pet safely to the destination. You should research a lot regarding the weather in the new country and get all the details about the new place. Make sure you do all the tasks before you reach there to keep your pet safe at the new location. 


Transferring your pet to another country is not an easy task because you have to complete a lot of documentation therefore it is recommended you hire pet transferring service and to stay in close contact with the vet. These are some of the best pet moving tips that will make your move with the pet easier and smoother.

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