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Israeli startup adapts radar from F-35 fighter jets to car safety

Unlike many types of radar, RFISee’s patented 4D imaging radar uses a powerfully focused beam created by dozens of transmitters rapidly scans the field of view.
The receivers ensure an advanced radar image, a detection range of obstacles such as cars and pedestrians that is six times broader when compared to existing radars and a better signal to noise ratio.
The company targets to take a big piece out of a market that expected to grow rapidly in the years to come to $8.6 billion automotive radar industry by 2025, according to Yole’s research.
Founded in 2015 by CTO Nir Mor, a software and radar imaging expert and CSO Prof. Eran Socher, a global expert in CMOS RF chips, RFISee has raised $2.75 million from investors like NextGear Clear Future, Drive, and Israel Innovation Authority.
Moshe Meyassed, CEO of RFISee, said: “Our breakthrough all-weather Phased Array 4D imaging radar on a chip is going to be a game-changer in the field of global automotive radar and car safety. Today’s automotive radars typically provide low resolution and limited detection range. Our ability to combine long-range, high resolution and superior accuracy can be the key for the high-quality sensor fusion between the camera and the radar that the automotive industry is looking for.”


Meyassed added: “The sensor fusion that RFISee is introducing will open new frontiers for adding effective AI layers to the fused radar and the camera data. As a result, car manufacturers and drivers alike will benefit from crucial improvements in safety and accident prevention, effective operation in low visibility and increased automation in vehicles.”



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