Charidy crowdfunds $15 Million in 36 Hours for Hatzalah volunteer paramedic services


“Hatzalah-Thon” crowdfunding campaign raised more than $15 million from over 83,000 donors.

Charidy has helped Hatzalah-Thon to form a “thank you” to the thousands of paramedical volunteers who have served during the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit a number of Jewish communities especially hard.

The 48-hour campaign, viewed by over 1,000,000 people via livestream, featured a benefit concert headlined by most well-known musical artists from several major sects of Judaism.

Hatzalah is a volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) operating in Orthodox Jewish communities worldwide. All Hatzalah volunteers undergo paramedic training to provide rapid-response EMS to treat Jewish patients while honoring Jewish customs. Traditional EMS professionals may be unfamiliar with, especially during Shabbat or holidays.

Forty-seven individuals of Hatzalah organization represented the Jewish communities from New York, Jerusalem, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and elsewhere, worked to establish a fundraising goal to facilitate the campaign.

Charidy CEO Yehuda Gurwitz notes Charidy helped Hatzalah “break its own fundraising glass ceiling” after its coaches encouraged Hatzalah chapters to dream bigger and set informed expectations.

The fund will use for operating costs, training, and equipment needs such as personal protective equipment, oxygen, medications, and emergency vehicles.



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