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When You Wish Upon a Star: Exposing the American Dream Finally

There is news that the minimum wage was strongly opposed by businesses that are opening up new businesses after the minimum wage was instituted in Washington.

Now This, Now That!  Trump is being exposed, but so is the American Dream.  Did you click on the blue link for the video that takes you on the Trump Tour that has set America back?

The American Dream has been exposed before for its serious limitations.  There is no time like right now to expose it and deal it a major blow.

Cliff Edwards is a name that I didn’t pay attention to well enough in the past.  Probably a billion people know him and know him well.  It was the 1940s and the United States still had not pulled itself out of the Great Depression (even though there were Republicans around to offer great solutions that anyone could accept).  Apparently there weren’t any great solutions as war approached the United States.

People listened to the voice of Cliff Edward and they believed.  And today people believe, but the people by grace of the Electoral College elected a man who has made lots of things worse for people.  Listen now to the voice of Cliff Edwards.  Donald Trump is not the star to wish upon.  And he gets lots of Pinocchios!  From start to finish one huge Pinocchio!

And today the heir to the Disney fortune says that Jesus would have a fat chance making the kind of living that CEOs of corporations make.  I have to agree with that.  So let us dig in deep as we approach 2020 and turn this country back in a better direction which might be the right direction.

The Deep Economic State of the right (the wrong direction) starts off with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen suing the Trump Corporation for millions of dollars in legal costs.  Keep in mind that Trump has not paid Elizabeth Warren the $ million that he owes her and at this point Cohen will have a long battle on his hands.  At the rate things are going, I would suggest that the US government ask Trump to turn in his passport and stay away from Aeroflot Russian Airlines, including the cargo section (just in case you know what).  I hope that Cohen wins this battle.

At this time Trump has about a 46 percent approval rating, but about two-thirds of the country think that he has committed a crime.  Isn’t that weird?  Based on that information, I feel that his approval rating should be around 33 percent (unless I do not know math).  Here is an article on Trump’s approval rating.

Under Trump the US trade deficit has gone up and not down and with less than two years in his term, he will probably start blaming Obama for a deficit that his trade war has not helped in the least.  The trade deficit is near $1 trillion (I should say 2 and build up numbers the way that Trump does).

Then there is I.T. not E.T., but better known as Ivanka Kusher who is involved in workforce development.  Here is Trevor Noah of the Daily Show talking about Ivanka.  Trump got Ivanka involved with a project that she had not started at all and again what part of the progress is Ivanka’s work?  I suspect very little. Would someone tell Ivanka that American workers should have substantially higher wages and stop talking about people getting something for nothing.

She is involved in the full employment game, which is turning more and more into a game.  There is news that the minimum wage was strongly opposed by businesses that are opening up new businesses after the minimum wage was instituted in Washington.  And without contradictory evidence it does look like that the restaurant business is healthy in Washington.

What is also going on is perhaps the beginning of a massive move to cut workers hours as the minimum wage affects states across America.  This is just another way to hurt the American worker.

Back in Milton Friedman’s time, conservatives were fed economic steroids to tell our people and other nations that there should be no minimum wage and that would bring about full employment. Think about that form of slavery for the worker for a moment.  Just as you take advantage of a two for one sale in your local community, that would have taken advantage of workers (two for one?) as the minimum wage would have been lower or maybe much lower. Whole Foods is cutting hours now and Whole Foods is owned by the wealthiest man in the world (Jeff Bezos of Amazon). And in France, the yellow vest protests got started and low salaries is a major complaint (and France is much more socialist than the US is).

Veterans Affairs and border security helped win for Trump, but he is failing.  Now that the House of Representatives has been lost by the Republicans, the people of the United States can finally start to resolve the low minimum wage and low salaries that are still being ignored.  Low salaries are a bigger issue than veterans affairs was in 2016, but Trump made a fool of people with his call for patriotism.  His weakness abroad and at home will surely reduce his poll numbers.

People have been losing pensions, benefits, and more over many decades and it has deeply hurt the nation as the CEO gets his package of great benefits.  Even Trump’s limo driver lost his medical benefits by getting a raise and that has been published.

Much of America is still being controlled by people who would make money on the backs of its workers.  Decisions are not well thought out and then Republicans will point a finger at socialism as an evil to keep trouble away from its door.  And these people are largely responsible for the loss of jobs that we have been experiencing since the 1960s (and not since the Trade Agreements cited by Trump).

While I was in the Dominican Republic in Sosúa many years ago, an English woman selling travel had her commission cut in half to share with another sales person.  Doesn’t that sound more like communism than capitalism?  And these are things that capitalists do to make workers suffer under “austerity” measures.  I also learned that a member of my family had his commission reduced by his superior (who took his money to the bank) in New York City.

I am connected still with the Dominican Republic and my Jewish and Dominican friends who know about Sosúa should read this.  Anyone interested in Holocaust history should read it.

Wake up and stop wishing on the star.  The American Dream was never what we think it was.

When I was growing up on the Lower East Side in the Lillian Wald Housing Project, what did I know about economic classes?  It sounded better to say lower middle class as my family’s class instead of lower class.  Don’t you agree?  My allowance was twenty-five cents a week and I never ever asked for an increase.  I saved that money and other small cash gifts.  Here is a well-known progressive talking about growing up in Brooklyn back then.  Click the link to watch the man who wants to create a “revolution” in this country.  I wonder if his family was really lower middle class.

Trump gave US the government shutdown and froze the wages of federal workers when he took office.  He froze wages under what he called the most prosperous economic time in American history.  And people said that he was unfit to be president.  Didn’t his supporters who are workers hear that?

Trump’s tax bill added almost a trillion dollars to the national debt.  Labor unions are upset that his promise was not kept to keep jobs in the United States (and these people backed him).  This is from Chuck Jones, retired president of United Steel Workers Local 1999.  “Trump promised to be a “worker champion” and save American jobs. He LIED.

Today, thousands of GM workers in Lordstown, OH will work their last shift — and Trump has failed to stop the layoffs.

To add insult to injury, he’s given over $1 BILLION in federal tax breaks and contracts to GM even though it is betraying American workers.”

 Martin Danenberg has been the teacher of the Consulate of El Salvador where word of his work reached the cabinet level in El Salvador. He has actively promoted education among the people of Guatemala and Honduras, two nations that support the idea of the United States embassy in Jerusalem. 


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