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Beto vs. Trumpanik: The Duel in El Paso

Trombenik in Yiddish is a lazy person or a person who boasts a lot or a loudmouth or a bullshitter or he who Trumpets himself or Trumpanik. Perfect! And he should resign and leave Congresswoman Omar alone. She was elected and she has time to prove that she is worthy. And when Trump trumpets his partisans panic (k). Trump panic!

Americans do not know their own history well and even the three branches of government, people in Europe know little of nothing about the Holocaust, and apparently, Trump knows very little himself. We cannot fault him for saying this last week that good people fought to abolish Civil Rights as context does matter. Trump has had two years and he was never worthy!

Trump is the man who told Colin Kaepernick to think about finding another country to live in and his attack on Congresswoman Omar is the same type or get rid of your opposition. I agree that the Congresswoman made a mistake, but we would have to get rid of a lot of people in government.

In New York City the Reverend Councilman Ruben Diaz, Sr. has mentioned that gays control New York and that is the same kind of mistake that is made about Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, and others. And the blackface controversy is problematic, as well, when people do not take into account the context. Justice can only be achieved when we know all the facts.

I gave information to Congresswoman Omar’s staff, my article on the Holocaust Chronicles which appears in Jewish Business News. And I am in the process of doing much more. She has to get better, not worse. And she has to learn much more.

Beto says that the areas near the border are safer than other parts of the country. He brings up the 4,000 people who have died passing through American territory, into treacherous areas.

Then there is Trump. This is the best that I could find to share about his speech in El Paso. This is about praising border agents, ICE, and not about the people.

These are not trumped up statistics about safety in the United States. Among small towns, the South is not well represented. Investigate and learn. And people are moving south for those lower priced homes and lower taxes.

Here are the safest and most dangerous cities in the United States and you can see that El Paso is number 7 as people are telling about its safety. The key point is that El Paso was safe before the wall was built and even Tucker Carlson refuses to admit that and he has distorted the facts to support Trumpism (communism, fascism).

Carlson would never tell you that a White House lawyer had been paid $5 million to give Mexico a program to reduce crime. That was Rudy Giuliani. What did Mexico learn from that as Carlson talks about Juarez, Mexico?

Beto O’Rourke should have read some of the material that I sent to his campaign about Trump’s Wall. In other words, I like that he tells it like it is in both English and Spanish and that he is against the wall, but he has his shortcomings. He was “preaching to the choir” in El Paso and that often leads to just talking to the wall when change is badly needed.

What would I have done? I have provided information to at least two newspapers in Texas (one in El Paso). The tax payers have to know that people can easily climb the wall and this goes beyond the wall being “immoral” and a “waste.” Why will it be a waste? The money will be wasted. I know that Trump is trying hard to score points, but he just cannot shoot straight.

The Holocaust Chronicles: Not Fake News

Beto has to bring into this fight in El Paso a huge number of volunteers to bring about change. The adversarial positions of Pelosi-Schumer are fine, but we have to be much more convincing in reaching out to the other side, something that O’Rourke (remember how Obama said the same thing) claims he can do.

Are people who are independents and former Trump supporters flocking to him in big numbers? Is there any hope at all of convincing people to change? Even now we have to turn a corner where Trump becomes a thing of the past. The damage is done.

And those people in Texas who can make a difference should know that since much of this country is not safe, we the people have to concentrate on national public safety. I have been writing about saving lives in school shootings and other places through the quickest alert that can be given to the police. Alyssa’s Law is being passed in states to provide that help. Parkland still has not brought in metal detectors that would help. People there have their own agenda and it looks like teachers will be armed there. That could easily bring about the Gunfight At the O.K. Corral in Florida (returning to Tombstone and Boot Hill Cemetery?) or the Wild Wild West. And I have seen nothing about Alyssa’s Law on Fox News and 2.500 schools in New Jersey will have protection. Lori Alhadeff started Make Our Schools Safe to make a difference.

I could use the same demonic way of persuasion as the Trumpists. Here you go! Trump wants your friends and neighbors to die right now in the cities and towns where you live and so do the Republicans. It’s so easy to do, but it’s not easy for Trump to be a real leader, either at home or abroad.

Breaking news about Russia and Syria. Putin wants the U.S. out of Syria. He is a power player as Iran is demanding that the United States leave Syria and he has been reported for saying that he cannot do anything about Iran in Syria. How will Israel and the world be affected?

Republicans and Democrats have now agreed to avert a shutdown and Trump has lost $225 million dollars and 10 miles of border fencing since the shutdown fiasco precipitated by Trump not signing the bill to keep the government open.


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