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Trump vs. America: A Shutout Being Pitched

Oy ve ist mir (“woe is me”) as Columbo would say as he investigates the case. There is a baseball game going on without bats, balls, and bases. There are Senators involved, of course. Between the administration and the Congress it looks a lot like Who’s on first, What’s on second, and I Don’t Know is on third, but it is not funny. Trump has provoked a shutdown and a shutout and people are suffering.

It’s the bottom of the eighth inning and the batting order is Homeland Security, the F.B.I., and border agents who need money to live on. In centerfield Mike Pence can be seen holding a sign that Trump has dictated (that’s what dictators do) and the sign reads “Federal Workers Are Patriots.”

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Now if that is the message of truth in this matter, I must be a war hero. Why? Back in the day before the draft lottery when Trump allegedly got a 4-F deferment after a doctor wrote that he had bone spurs (I have recently called him Chief Bone Spurs), I was teaching in the drug capital of New York and got deferred repeatedly. And it was dangerous around the school. And yes Trump is currently making US live under more dangerous conditions.
And Bernie Sanders tells us that we should be building housing instead of a wall and that may be true, but it takes attention away from the massacres that have taken place here at home. Those include Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, and Pittsburgh (and don’t forget Charleston). MS-13 is just a small part of the problem, but we could demand panic buttons in our nation’s schools, synagogues, and churches instead of paying for a wall that shows no real evidence of effectiveness. The housing belongs in other talks about poverty and the desperation of Americans. But you can obviously integrate all into one unit.

Then there is Cory Booker who told an audience that Dr. King asked people to be dissatisfied and I can assure you that I have been very dissatisfied with Booker who I have met and whose city I tried to help. I am dissatisfied with the whole lot of candidates as well and with others (you will see what I mean shortly).

Let’s take a quick visit back to 1946 together and I really do not wish to share with you all of the horrible things that were going on in Europe. It seemed like the world was coming to an end after WW II. Trump tells US that his unemployment has been the lowest. Not exactly true! World War II ended the Great Depression and unemployment was 1.2 percent which is way lower than recent levels, but that was war-time and this is not. GNP doubled in five years which means that it was an average of 20 % each year and not 3 percent.

So unemployment went from 14.6 percent to 1.2 percent which was consistent with what Barack Obama achieved without going to war, but those red hats remind us that things were bad during those years and that is one of the key elements of Make America Great Again. Republicans can tell you that the war got US out of the Great Depression and it wasn’t the New Deal. That is pretty clear, but minimizing the role of Obama unnecessarily is untruthful.

“The greatest danger to the security of the United States is the possibility of the economic collapse in Europe.” was written to Harry Truman and the wolf waiting to move in for the kill was Stalin.

Bad decisions and agreements were signed off by American and Allied leaders. In addition to the destruction of its housing, no work, disease, danger, and the massive destruction of German lives after the war was over, including the rape of innocent German women, the confiscation of the telephone communications systems, the manufacturing equipment, the railroad tracks, and much more (including millions of coats and other clothing items) were sent back to Russia. Germany had little or nothing.

There is no parallel in shutdown or shutout here in the United States, but the economic impact of it already is about the cost of a wall. Wall Street could have provided that wall to make us all safe, but what we have needed here since the shutdown is a wall of resistance with a powerful message to Trump. No wall, you get out, and we will see what happens under Pence. We need to be pensive about Pence as well.

Things in Europe were terrible, but in Japan Douglas MacArthur was given “supreme” power and control and he fed the Japanese and took care that the occupation progressed well. There have to be choices and I have outlined the choices here. And I have done much more that is being covered up by the media.

Here is the letter that I wrote to Congressman Pete King whose staff told me that he would get the letter that night. There has been no response, but there has been a government shutdown you know or was this idea shutdown or shouted down a long time. And I wish to add that the support that we would expect from senators. Congressmen, and local elected officials has not been there either. When I sent the letter to King, it was also sent to the New York Times. And then to other publications.

January 9, 2019

Congressman Pete King
302 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman King,

In one of the greatest traditions in the history of man, I have decided to write to you before calling for a demonstration at your office in Massapequa. You represent all people in your district as did the elected officials of France did when the great letter J’Accuse was written by Emile Zolá in the French newspaper L’Aurore. There was great anti-Semitism in France at that time which worsened, but the letter exposed the beloved army of France for what its leaders had perpetrated against Captain Alfred Dreyfus.

This is a moment for you as the representatives of all people in your district to present this critical information. Donald Trump’s wall can be scaled easily. Just like in France in the 1890s there when there were the Dreyfusards (anti-wall) and anti-Dreyfusards (pro-wall) groups, we have people blinded by politics instead of being enlightened. A simple ladder (painters ladder) demonstration by a group of American and immigrant painters would be all that is needed to demonstrate just how easy it would be to get over the wall.

The fact that personnel at the border who support Donald Trump’s claims that a wall is needed is just as reprehensible as was the claim that the Jews were destroying France. The current situation of people choosing to avoid the piece of wall that exists will not exist once a wall covers the entire border and that will leave only one choice, climb over the wall and people will do just that. Collective ignorance cannot win out over truth.

I have purposely selected an alternative spending value to our nation to write about which is protecting our nation’s children in our school with Trump’s wall money. Alyssa’s Law will bring funds and I hope federal funds to our nation’s schools to provide panic buttons to send alerts immediate to police so that well trained police can speed up the process of helping prevent deaths as have occurred repeatedly in Parkland and other schools. I urge you to speak out as Emile Zolá did and bring sanity forward in our current crisis of federal government shutdown over paying for a wall that will not be effective.

The term national security is being loosely quoted at a time when national safety is much more in need. You have sat back while Trump’s lies and incorrect information have pervaded the market of truth and that is an additional reason for you to speak out right now and set the record straight for everyone in America. You represent immigrants (huge numbers) from Central America and you have turned your back on them on this issue.

The funds for Trump’s wall could be used to unite us instead of divide us. The violence that he himself has spoken about could be used in Chicago and our nation’s cities to get that violence under control, but that has not happened in the first two years of the Trump Administration.

One more thing that you should know is that the Central Intelligence Agency has posted a paper by John Ehrman about the Dreyfus Affair in France as probably the best way to help counterintelligence personnel to begin to understand where to begin their knowledge of their job.

Hoping that you help out by representing my views to our district and our nation. I have not even mentioned Trump’s address to the nation last night, because it Is irrelevant.


Martin N. Danenberg

There is now a report coming out of Mar-A-Lago and Raj Deonarine and Jeffrey Goldstein are part of that report. Jeffrey has told me that there seem to be orange haired iguanas in Mar-A-Lago and he thinks that they are digging holes to keep warm in the brief cold spell that has just affected Florida. Raj is known as “The Iguana Man” who is a “whisperer, conservationist, and You Tube personality.”

It recalls to mind things that we have learned over a lifetime to share with others. It is my theory that the iguanas are trying to escape Mar-A-Lago where anything that moves has to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the current occupant. I also think that the orange haired iguanas probably got that way only after treatment with propecia and colorant. But what I am pretty sure of was told to us decades ago about the resistance to communism.

In Russia there was a cat that had a litter. One day a vet commented that they are not communists anymore. Why? They had opened their eyes. These iguanas know how to burrow under walls just as hundreds of migrants just achieved arriving on our soil under a wall. The immigrants and the iguanas open their eyes and see freedom. And we must free our minds and hearts about that wall now and open the government for business.

Breaking news. It has been reported to me that in the town of West Islip which is close to Brentwood, New York, that youth are wearing those Make America Great Hats and my source tells me that the parents are influencing those youth. On a school trip, it could be a violation of school policy to allow students to wear the hat (thinking about the new controversy). Donald Trump is already supporting the youth who were seen on video in a Washington, D.C. rally. I have seen one of the parents comment that the students did nothing wrong.

The Covington Catholic School should tell us if the students and parent escorts had followed school policy or not. One student, as you know, got in the face of a Native-American and that did appear intimidating, but we do have to also know what was on his mind. That student could have been easily pushed into the man and that could have started a fight.

The parent escorts have to learn that they are not there just to stand around and watch. And that they can easily become complicit in something that they would never expect to happen. And the staff in the Parkland schools now has to be retrained.

The press probably has done a poor job of covering the incident, but there may be and should be more to follow. The school is under all sorts of pressure that it has to deal with now.

My source also told me that a parent of one of the known Make America Great Again hat wearing youth hires immigrants and illegal immigrants, but he wants Trump to build a wall. And that man will even go to a day laborer location to seek out men. Wouldn’t you think that he had a list of legal residents to call to get men to work for him?

Columbo just told me that he has one more question to ask. The youth who we have all seen up close in the video wrote, “it was clear to me that he (the Native American) had singled me out for a confrontation, although I am not sure why.” The question is why did Nick Sandmann stay in Mr. Phillips’ face after thinking that it was a confrontation (not a neutral situation at all)? His thoughts could have been provided to one of the escorts and it could have been handled that way. And now Detective Donald Trump is on the case as he has invited the students to the White House (can a hat signing be coming?).

Here is something from the governor of Kentucky and I ask him here what about Trump? I have watched a video of the governor with Mark Levin and I was not impressed. What is better, someone who wants the job or someone who pretends to want the job? I contend that there are people who are super qualified to lead who just don’t wish to be in those positions, be it union, government, or organization positions. Knowledge is power and it’s not about power-seeking people getting elected.



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