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Chanukah Chanukah: A Tale of Two White House Chanukahs

Pollack and his wife, sitting along side President Trump and others.

The miracle of lights for eight nights and eight years of Chanukahs, not just one. To shine our light against hate in all of its forms, a rabbi from the Bronx told us in 2016 and now movie maker Steven Spielberg tells us things are getting more dangerous as we have just experienced the Pittsburgh Massacre. We are all “great” people at this important time and the time was well spent listening to the rabbi as he pointed out that the White House is a Lighthouse.

You could see the partisanship by the body language and the reactions of the invitees.

Elie Wiesel’s family turned out for that Chanukah event.

Meadow Pollack daughter of Andrew Pollack Photo Christian Rowell - Wikipedia

Trump’s Chanukah was moving well until it turned political with a slight clue of the universality of the suffering of all people. The event turned out to be a plug for Trump and his relationship with Israel, including the costs and the building that has been turned into the Embassy of the United States. We got Trump triumphant again instead of Chanukah and its celebration. That was the finale. Rabbi Friedman made a good point which is that we all have to grow in “goodness and holiness” and he was right for praying for Trump to obtain “wisdom.” The man needs it and will need it wherever he ends up. And there is more about Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson here.

Andrew Pollack’s family (daughter Meadow Pollack was killed in the Parkland shooting) turned out for the Chanukah event. I liked the part about George Washington, but look how late Trump is reciting that after all that has happened. Pollack lost his daughter, but he could have spoken at different event and not be used as others have been used because of the killings of MS-13.

It is so easy to point out as television commentators do (such as Hannity about Pelosi, Schumer, and others) that it was not about being Jewish that caused her death, but I believe that what I read about Andrew Pollack hits the mark. Trump wants to build a wall (almost $25 billion) when the money would much better spent on school security.

Then the Pollack family was announced and that family has suffered, but not apparently because of being Jewish. Here is Breitbart News (never fake news) presenting what happened.

And here is the account of an attendee from The Forward. She must have really enjoyed the event. I would never have attended. Never!

You could see the partisanship by the reactions of the invitees.

It was apparent to me that hate was on the rise during the presidential campaign. This was New York news from Crown Heights and the rabbi’s thoughts were the same as mine. I felt that Trump was too busy defending other New York values than to pay close attention. Of course that is not the whole point, as his partisans joined people who hate Jews to bring him to victory in the Electoral College. I would like to know if any Jew close to Trump corresponded about this incident. And it was not until his interview at the end of 2016 with Lesley Stahl that he made a statement about the stopping of hateful behavior, a very weak statement.

In addition back then, I corresponded briefly with one of America’s wealthiest and most influential men who is Jewish and he told me “we don’t know what to do.” Now tell me why so many people who don’t know what to do are so influential and how can Jews accept the Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem as a “peace” move. And still no peace proposal from Jared Kushner who fate may be other than working with the White House.

If you watch the appeal of Jewish youth on campus who are threatened by BDS protests, for example, at New York University, you will see that youth wish the best for all racial and ethnic minorities and are not just thinking of Jews. Trump falls far short and something is wrong. It’s all about building bridges and not building walls between people.
It is time for Trump to resign and invite all his partisans to the party.

The breaking news right now is not just the Trump link to Russia in 2015, even before the Electoral Campaign of 2016, but much more including that Rex Tillerson says that Trump asked him to do “illegal” things while he was in the White House. And I know those partisans must wish that the investigation goes on for six more years. And a guilty verdict in the Charlottesville as a jury deliberated in the case of James Field, Jr. and found him guilty in the death of Heather Heyer.

It was about guns when a man took his son to a firing range and the gun went off killing the boy in Sarasota and other similar incidents.

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