Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2018

Pittsburgh: Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric

Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

Righteous among nations under Trump? Highly improbable! He has wished the Jewish people Happy New Year, but he is the wrong person to be the leader of our nation and the free world.

I called the Dennis Praeger Show about two years ago to express the view that Trump’s immigration policies would increase anti-Semitism among Hispanics and other immigrants, especially as people are deported. At that time there were more anti-Semitic incidents, but there was no massacre. Nobody listens to me.

Praeger rejected my warning, telling his listeners that it reminded him of what a rabbi told him back when Abe Beame was running for mayor of New York. The rabbi was worried about increased anti-Semitism resulting from a Beame victory.
We were proud of Beame, but Trump is a different story, a much different story.

Where is Praeger now? Where are the evangelicals who support Israel? The focus should be on Robert Jeffress who has made anti-Semitic remarks and whose reward has been to advise Trump. We want action and not just words to solve the problems we are facing. And Trump and Jeffress are good friends.

Jeffress’ radio program reaches 900 stations nationwide. He should spend a year reaching out to people addressing anti-Semitism each week and if he cannot do that I would fire him from his role. in the White House. The Southern Baptist Convention and other churches could do the same. Perhaps the red flags will be revealed more quickly. But nobody listens to me.

We Jews are now in a super protective mode that needs more unity of purpose to save lives. And Trump by his campaign history, his policies, and his comments about the massacre in Pittsburgh have demonstrated his ability. Putzburgh!

The Trump base includes Jared and Ivanka Trump, Sheldon Adelson and other wealthy Jews, and advisors and right wing groups, a very bad mix. Trump is the bridge to both sides and we have to wake up fast. Even much of Trump’s base (and not just a “hothead”) must be objecting to those Jews, but the pot isn’t boiling yet. Or is it boiling?

Sure Trump did not shoot our people in Pittsburgh, but think deeply about what has been going on in his life and his history in American politics. He knows the bare minimum of the suffering of people.

The danger still exists that anti-Semitism will increase in Latin-America and in other places right now and the Massacre in Pittsburgh will encourage others.

Trump’s policies do not reflect the values of many Jews. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, for example, wanted to help the disadvantaged and Trump either withdraws support or threatens to eliminate aid to countries, even after those nations have supported his moves. Trump calls it all amazing, but it is just bad diplomacy.

Do I criticize Democrats? Of course I do. If we as Americans and Jews cannot unite around all of the injustices that we have learned about since January 20, 2017, we must in one way or another have our heads in the sand.

Remember the blame after Benghazi under Obama? And comparing the Charleston massacre and Pittsburgh has its limits. Obama did not incite the racism of Dylan Roof with harmful rhetoric. Rabbi Joshua Stanton of the East End Temple in New York City was a beacon of light as he blamed Trump on television news for Trump’s conduct both before and after the massacre.

Think of this. The massacre did not have to take place inside the synagogue. I will say no more.


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