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Trump The Evil in America

In We Were the Lucky Ones Georgia Hunter tells us that a Jewish woman was taken away in the night to a hospital to give a liter of blood to save a Russian general. She was forced to give blood by the political neccessities of that time. Frightened and weak and not even given a ride back home, she made it back home to be with her husband who had not been allowed to go with her.

In the classroom, teachers could ask how do you feel about what happened to the woman, citing what you would do in that kind of situation.

If your child was the most brilliant student who sat for an entire year in class unchallenged, would it be fair for the teacher to claim success or accomplishment for that child? Trump claims success, even for projects started before 2017. This is grossly unfair.

In the next chapter of the book, Getulio Vargas, Brazil’s dictator decided to restrict the number of Jews into Brazil and issued Law 3175. Hope faded for Jews.

Let’s take a look at the Republican Party in 1940. Wendell Willkie wanted to be aggressive with the Nazis, but Robert Taft, an isolationist, felt that the New Deal was worse than dealing with Hitler. The Republican Party was no friend of European Jews. And look where our divisions took us.

map 1940 Presidential Election

Roosevelt would not move without support across our nation. The conflict in Spain called for action against Hitler and there was not enough noise made by partisans opposing Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco.

The very same Russian military that took the Jewish woman away to the hospital would soon massacre thousands of people in the city prison as the Soviets evacuated. The Germans manipulated this by blaming the Jews, inciting the pro-German Ukrainian militia to murder thousands of Jews.

At this very moment we have learned of the capture of Robert Rundo who with others has been charged with inciting violence and murder in the United States. The F.B.I. and the courts are doing their job, but Trump did play a role in inciting his base that was more than deplorable.

Nikki Haley, after stepping down as U.N. ambassador, spoke and declared that her party is not “evil” and she wants all of us to think of it just as political opposition.

Incidentally in 2015 Ben Carson put out incorrect information about how Hitler had taken away the guns of Germans which prevented Jews from resisting. Jews had guns, but those weapons were of no use.

Gallup polling from 1939-1977 was anti-immigrant. The Vietnamese boat people garnered more positive than negative opinions, but there was hostility in Texas to these immigrants, for example. The people of the United States took all those years to have a positive outlook.

With news of 14 bombs mailed to Trump opponents, we can pause to remember the 1944 bombing that failed to kill Hitler. Almost 5,000 people were executed for that. People have written enough about Trump to convince Americans to make the changes that are needed right now.

Foreign policy.
A photo of Trump on his cell phone has been published because Trump defies U.S. officials who know that Russia and China could be listening.
He has not prevented World War III.
His reactions about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi have been off the mark.
The economy.
Democrats told Trump to give the middle class greater tax reductions and now it seems that will happen.
Trump’s tax plan has already produced a deficit close to $1 trillion.
Trump blames the Democrats as he cuts 5 percent from his budget.
It was announced years ago that some jobs were coming back to the United States.
Trump’s base is not benefiting that much from his job creation.
Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama can point to higher economic growth than Trump has had.
African-American unemployment under Obama was almost 17 percent and he brought that way down so Trump could claim historic lows. Now let’s see Trump cut that sliver in half.

Social items.
Trump has no wall, but that wall can be scaled easily, defrauding the tax payer. The congressman writing the bill is not going to speak out before the November election to tell you about this..
Poor performance after Charlottesville. And the young man who drove into the crowd killing Heather Heyer told his mother that he was going to a Trump rally.
A Trump supporter was arrested for sending out the bombs.
Does anyone really believe Trump’s calls for love and unity?

Breaking news from Pittsburgh and the White House. 8 people are reported murdered in this anti-Semitic massacre and the number of victims may rise. Donald Trump has been questioned and as usual he used lots of television time to deflect the questions about guns and the N.R.A.

He spoke about arming the synagogue and all synagogues and churches. I sat there saying to myself that the gunman could have easily pulled out a revolver and shot the armed guard first.

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