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Jeff Sessions: Bad Advice for Chicago

Jeff Sessions speaking out against Chicago is an attack on all communities. He is not telling the whole truth Whether it is Russia or Chicago, it is the same old same old.

Jeff Sessions is sworn in as Attorney General by Vice President Mike Pence.

Jeff Session’s distorts the facts in this country.

Birmingham, Alabama has had plenty of community strife leading to distrust and became part of an extensive pilot project of community policing in 2015, perhaps much to Session’s chagrin. This is or was the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice.

Jeff Sessions wants community policing in Chicago to go down the drain, citing that there should not be community policing because of one killing by the police.

Donald Trump has “zero tolerance” for murder or so it seems.

And today’s New York Post reports a bloody attack in Bryant Park in the city by someone with a bicycle lock. In the same article there is reporting of the “madman” who slashed a South Korean tourist with a machete (and not a member of MS-13). That man was sentenced to twelve years in prison earlier this year. Should South Korea ban all Americans in their country or just people who live and work around Bryant Park?

In another country, most or all of the Trump Administration probably would have been gone by now as governments lose confidence and that calls for new elections.

But let’s get back to community policing which gets blocked all over our nation, probably a lot under Jeff Sessions while he was in Alabama.

I put together an anti-gang program in Yonkers, New York with the help of a friend who is director of the Nepperham Community Center. The police attended. During those days, realizing that people were saying that complaints were not being made by the police there and learning that the commissioner was touting lower numbers of complaints, I realized that I had to speak out. People had to make more complaints (written complaints).

These are key thoughts that I shared with the Yonkers Police Department in 2015. The help given to each individual will empower all, from the student who can pass the test easily to the one that needs lots of help, from the student desiring a job right away, to the student desiring a seat in a community college or a business program, and to the student desiring a seat in a more prestigious college with more stringent admission requirements. The struggle to help the ex-offender must include providing help for the family as well.

The basis for my thinking was that back in my teaching days, I wanted parents to put their complaints in writing and I wanted each complaint answered in writing. Right now we know that even though both Kayla Cuevas and her mother Evelyn Rodriguez are both dead, there is a lawsuit pending against the Brentwood School District because the family claims that the school district did not take appropriate action after complaints were made. Where are Sessions and Trump now on this important matter? Where is Betsy DeVos as well?

Those complaints in writing, of course, should be fair and accurate complaints. Nobody could be harmed in that way.
See Sessions and Trump and Chicago here. That is a problematic team.

What happened was this. The police sergeant that I had discussions with liked the idea of a G.E.D. program for the community, especially as it would have been helpful in recruiting minorities into the police department, but after I brought up the idea of increasing complaints through encouragement there my calls were not taken again. Suspicious police action?

Police officers interact with the public in Des Moines, Iowa, during Police Week 2010. Wikipedia

Jeff Sessions speaking out against Chicago is an attack on all communities. The police have been doing horrible things all over the United States. They are involved in drugs, raping women, and committing other crimes against the people using the shield as an invisible impenetrable shield against detection. Sessions has given us the worst, not his best hits.

Sessions cites increases in violence and crime in 2016 and Chicago police that I have been talking to in the superintendent’s office assure me that those higher numbers are down. Sessions is not telling the whole truth again. Whether it is Russia or Chicago, it is the same old same old.

Jeff Sessions has taken action against the proposed changes in community policing into federal court. Trump wants to bring back “stop and frisk” into Chicago. The police are not the problem, he says.

We see across our nation that people do not speak out right away. The Catholic Church and the allegations of improper sexual behavior, the coach who allegedly molested and abuse 500 youth in Iowa, the doctor who allegedly raped his patients that is in the news, allegations against teachers that go back decades, and much more that is going on in the Age of Brent Kavanaugh and his hearing to be Supreme Court justice. Here we see that there were over 400 Rapes Cases in the United States where police officers were involved.

A lot must be corrected and it is not just about giving the F.B.I. or the Saudis one week to investigate. We welcome investigative reports about the police and we hope to see change supported by Fraternal Orders of Police across the United States. We The People require change.

In a conversation today with Tio Hardiman who has run for governor of Illinois twice in primary elections, he told me that he would like to see Attorney General Sessions “have a session with community people in Chicago where it could be told to him the economic and social conditions that breed crime and violence.”

I think that Sessions has been told this before, but what we mostly see from this administration is that they sit down with partisans. Hardiman has worked with Operation Ceasefire in Illinois and he mentioned that although there is a twenty percent decrease in violence there are still 450 homicides.

There really has been mucho tolerance for murder by Trump across our nation. And if that isn’t bad enough, you should recall that it was a border agent who told Trump about the things that led to Trump’s famous Mexico is not sending us their best point of view. We have since learned that 500 border agents have been arrested for lots of things, including bribery in permitting the flow of drugs into our country. That is what Trump should have told the American people. Also there has been an arrest or arrests for murder.

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