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Barbra Sings About the Wall

Barbra Sings You Don’t Bring Flowers and The Way We Were, but I love Barbra’s taking the position against Trump and the Wall.

Barbra Sings About the Wall

I love You Don’t Bring Flowers and The Way We Were, but I love Barbra’s taking the position against Trump and the Wall.
The word wall in Spanish is pared. Can you form another word in English from it that has an application for women and all of us in the Kavanaugh testimony and the #MeToo movement? This is the time for a fusion of movements to demonstrate greater strength as the mid-term elections approach in one month.

Don’t Lie to Me. Watch the Fox News coverage of Streisand’s new album that attacks Donald Trump. Trump’s Wall does not make any cents (sense). taxpayers are being fooled. The White House has already dismissed the tax fraud article about Trump as “boring.”

Here is a voice that has affected the world for fifty or more years, hailing from Brooklyn she has conquered the world. If you have seen the Fox News comments full of opinions and perhaps some we can agree with, consider this. Barbra is the Greatest Star that we have right now uniting people.

I’m The Greatest Star

I got 36 expressions!
Sweet as pie to tough as leather
And that’s 36 expressions more than all those Baltimores puttogether.
So ‘stead of just kicking me why don't they give me a lift?
Well, it must be a plot!
‘Cause their scared that I got…such a gift?
Well, I’ll nift.
Cause I’m
The Greatest Star
I am by far!
But no one knows it–WAIT!
They’re gonna hear a voice
A silver flute (ah ah ah ah)
They’ll cheer each toot
(Yeah, that kids terrific, mmm)
When I expose it
(Now can’t ya see to look at me that)
I’m a natural Camille.
As Camille I just feel
I’ve so much to offer
(Now listen Mr. Z I know I’d be divine because)
I’m a natural cough
(ahoo, aheh, ahay)
Some ain’t got it, not a lot
I’m a great big clump of talent
(ha ha ha ha)
They’ll bend in half
A thousand jokes
(Stick around for the jokes!)
A thousand faces
I reiterate
When ya gifted, then ya gifted
These are facts
I’ve got no acts to parade
Hey, what ya blind?
In all of the world so far
I’m the greatest star
Who is the pip with pizzas?
Who is all ginger and jazz?
Who is as glamorous as?
Who’s an American beauty rose?
With an American beauty NOSE!!!
And ten American beauty toes?
Eyes on the target and wham
One shot on gun shot and BAM!
Hey hey hey hey world!
Here I am!
I’m the greatest star
I am by far
But no one knows it
That’s why I was born
I’ll blow my horn
‘Til someone blows back
I gotta break the lights
I’m gonna make ’em fight
I’ll flicker and flare up!
All of the world’s gonna star up!
Looking down you’ll never see me,
Try the sky cause that’ll be me!
I can make ’em cry!
I can make ’em sigh!
Someday they’ll clamor for my drama
Have ya guessed YET!
Who’s the best yet?
If ya late I’ll tell ya one more time
You bet ya last dime
In all of the world so far
I am the greatest, greatest
The wall and the women’s movement are united here by one of America’s leading fighters for justice for people. Her voice is even greater than that of Moses Heston whose famous remark about gun control and the Second Amendment is “From My Cold Dead Hands” which led years later to Russian influence. Those “cold dead hands” have frozen over and broken off as there has been no “outlawing” of guns. If you take a look at the early organization of the Ku Klux Klan, you will find out that it was a money making scheme. And people who joined got scammed well. Donald Trump’s America is giving you stale onion rolls that will cost the tax payer $20 billion for nothing. Even president-elect Lopez-Obrador from south of the border expects the wall to become a “relic” like the Great Wall of China and that could happen sooner than he thinks (if the wall is built).

Trump is giving Americans mostly stale onion rolls or worse, moldy rolls. The tax payer says don’t raise my state taxes. But Trump’s tariff war will raise your prices as he creates some jobs. He said some people will be hurt and that could be you and your family. Trump is the candidate who would not show you his taxes and now there are revelations and a coming New York State investigation. The statute of limitations has run out (just another Teflon Don) so the worst will not happen to him, but based on what we are learning he appears to have defrauded the people of the state of New York out of money that could have been used for police, education, health, and other things. A form of theft?

We know that someone released what seemed to be part of his real 1040 tax return and at the time I doubted the veracity of that document. What I saw was that Trump paid quite a lot of money in taxes and that does not seem like Trump at all. I believe that it was made up and wish we had the entire document from the IRS to review. Then the Trump Organization paid a $50,000 fine for breach of credit card information. I wonder why the fine was so low when it is costing corporations millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. Could there have been fraud there as well, including bribery?

I don’t know if Barbra Streisand ever heard the parody of the lyrics to Somewhere, but someone made this up after West Side Story came out. There’s a place for you. They call it Bellevue (a famous mental institution back then). Peace and quiet and open air. The place was for mentally unstable people, even a president. The Streisand Somewhere video depicts how Jewish people felt about our people returning under difficult conditions to the land of milk and honey or Israel. It stresses the need or demand that others obtain freedom as well. Watch it carefully!

We see that most Republican women (almost 90 percent of Republican women) support Kavanaugh. They are not mesmerized by Trump. They are just afraid and afraid to face the truth and they just prefer to go along with the party. But as I said before, these are issues where women of all political persuasions should join together for the sake of individuals and our nation’s democracy.
Think of that mattress that we have all seen in our nation’s malls. You adjust the air by the number. If you stand on it, your feet will not sink to the bed platform. Think of that mattress reaching to the top of Trump’s wall which will become your wall (not mine) and how even you could cross over the wall into either Mexico or the United States. Stop sleeping!

Lopez-Obrador in his book a NEW HOPE FOR MEXICO wishes to work with Trump, but without the wall. Laredo, Texas is an important symbol that has been overlooked by us in the debate. Laredo is a place settled by Mexicans centuries ago which Mexicans and Americans have respected all these years as the border between our two nations. That symbol should be maintained.

Americans are being raped by this administration that keeps touting a wall (pared) that Republicans have not funded in almost two years. In Brooklyn where Barbra Streisand and I were born, people would probably call the believers suckers because a sucker is born everywhere minute.

This is a dangerous, much more dangerous nation under Trump and was it Trump that sent Kanye West on Saturday Night Live to talk about abolishing the 13th Amendment? I do not teach social studies anymore, but one of my favorite questions was to ask G.E.D. students the sequence of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. Abolishing the 13th Amendment could end up making non-citizens of the United States slaves (in my Constitutional opinion), making us resemble Greece and Rome. Slavery was abolished and we should never forget what slavery was and how it has impacted on everyone.



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