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Talmud Applied to American Law?

Melania Trump violated American law by working without permission. But with Trump in power there surely could be a family pardon. I cannot see her and her perents deported

Melania Trump violated immigration laws
There is habeas corpus which is an integral part of American law.

There is the search warrant. Don’t come to my home which is down the block from the person listed on the search warrant.

There were 40,000 concentration camps in Germany and occupied Europe.

In Auschwitz, “collaborators” with the Nazis were often pushed into open latrines where they drowned (accidentally).

Adolph Eichmann who was hanged in Israel for crimes that he committed against Jews saved 1,625 people from death because of a bribe.
In Chelmno and Belzec, only a total of nine men survived those death camps. The numbers killed there were around 70,000. At Belzec at least 600,000 Jews were killed.

With all the sickness going on, inmates were only allowed two times per day to relieve themselves and they had to conceal their excrement in their clothing and their eating dishes.

Peter Hayes in his book Why? Explaining the Holocaust reveals two photos of Jews and they are the only photos in his book. We see Jews surrounded by German soldiers, but the focus is on the children whose stories are told in the book. Looking at the photo of a boy with his hands up may cause the reader to think about the girl in Vietnam running naked that millions have seen. No these Jewish children were not naked. Just before the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, there were 51,000 children and only about 500 children remained. The surviving children were spared deportation and death because (almost certainly Hayes says that) they were the children of the administrators in the ghetto.

There were those who thought that they were adhering to Jewish law in the camps, but Peter Hayes credits David Daube’s deep research of the Talmud with this pertinent information. Handing over a person by name “demanded by an oppressive power is permissible as compliance with a threatening order. In the case of making up a list of people chosen to die (any odd person made by the Jewish administrators) is not acceptable under the Talmud and “amounts to taking on personal guilt.”

I wish to make the reader concentrate on American law and the deportation of immigrants. Deportation is nothing new under Donald Trump, but even Trump finally said that he was going to go after the criminals, but that was a lie. There have been roundups just as there were roundups in Nazi Germany of Jews and others. Israel has an immigration problem as well, but I do not know what its current laws are. I would hope that Israelis would speak out against the excesses of American immigration tactics that divide and conquer in many areas of the United States.

The case of Rezso or Rudolf Kastner is written about in Hayes’ book. Kastner had a high rank in Israel, but he was assassinated in 1957 for being a “collaborator.” It was he who had arranged the bribe with Adolph Eichmann and his own family benefitted from the bribery. This must have been a scandalous moment in Israeli history including a libel trial and conviction and a vindication of Kastner in 1958. There is nothing really similar in our history, but think about Eichmann claiming that he was a good man saving Jews in his own defense (not from his heart but for the greed for “green”). It is reprehensible that Donald Trump called Sheriff Joe Arpaio a good man as he pardoned Arpaio. Kastner was vindicated because his “thoughts were directed to good and not evil.” It must have been reprehensible when Kastner came to the aid of Kurt Becher and two other SS officers who used his testimony so that they could “escape prosecution for their crimes.” Arpaio was prosecuted and found guilty of crimes. The Trump mentality is that are good people on both sides and there is good in people who have criminal intent (with a lot of exceptions).

I knew long before the Election of 2016 that Arpaio and his supporters in Arizona were wrong for violating the rights of undocumented immigrants and we still do not hear Donald Trump telling the American people that violating people’s rights has to stop. Look what happened in Brooklyn between African Americans and Asian immigrants at a nail salon as demonstrators shouted “Get ICE” to the immigrants. See Enemies of the People? Trump or His Base.

Today Trump’s in-laws became citizens of the United States. People know that Melania Trump violated immigration laws by working without permission. This is not very pardonable, but with Trump in power there surely could be a family pardon. I cannot see the three of them deported at all. The problem is greater than the hypocrisy of Donald Trump. Enough said about chain immigration and the Trumps.

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