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Rasputin Vladputin Donputin: RAT-O to replace NATO?

Chris Mancini has just coined the name “Don Putin” to summarize the mind meld between Trump and Putin, something he now hopes will catch on with millions of Americans.

L-R Rasputin, Trumputin and DonPutin

The Helsinki Summit was no summit at all. It was the Helsinki Submit. I have removed the m and replaced it with b.

We are being told that Vladputin is giving NATO a warning about the Ukraine and Georgia and he says that Trump and he discussed it. Weakness…no backbone in Washington, D.C.

Rasputin – Don Putin — Trumputin, You say potato, I say potato. . . oh let’s call the whole thing off…..

Chris Mancini has just coined the name “Don Putin” (and contributed to this article) to summarize the mind meld between Trump and Putin, something he came up with for us during a workout in a gym and now hopes will catch on with millions of Americans. I personally feel that if you write it “Donputin” or “Don Putin” it’s the same thing because our President’s bromance with the Russian President goes far beyond Vlad’s exposing his pecs on TV. Their recent two-hour love fest behind closed doors is reminiscent of the practices of another famous Russian with a similar name — “Rasputin.”

Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) had considerable influence in Russia when it had Czars. During World War I, Rasputin was urging the Czar to make peace with the Germans. Sound familiar?

Rasputin — like Don Putin — was a “divisive” character. His influence, writers feel, was detrimental to the survival of the Russian government, but he was never impeached, he was assassinated by a conservative nobleman (very interesting that he was not killed by a communist). Rasputin just like Don Putin, was not well spoken but unlike our President who claims to be an Ivy League graduate and a “stable genius,” Rasputin at least had an excuse for his poor diction– he was uneducated and illiterate until his early adulthood.

At a certain point in his adult life, Rasputin stopped drinking and this became an asset to his rise to power since it was rumored that Rasputin and his acolytes frequently engaged in sexual orgies. Sound familiar? Could this have been the start of the “golden shower” recently made famous in Moscow? Even church leaders who knew about his “excesses” in behavior supported him. My how the moral majority of any era can twist itself in self-righteousness!

Rasputin was favored by the Czarina for treating her son’s hemophilia, but he was spied on by the Czar’s police and accounts of his behavior even made the newspapers (an early version of “fake news” and unauthorized leaks by the American intelligence community). As he returned to drinking and re-engaged in sex promiscuity and accepted bribes, he was also doing his best to have his critics removed from their posts. Sound familiar? For all of this scheming he was considered almost treasonous and when he tried to get close to the Russian troops to pray for them, the Russian commander said that if Rasputin showed up that he would be hanged. Rasputin was fond of giving out all kinds of political favors with his connections, but he often exaggerated the extent of his influence by lying. Sound familiar? He also tried to get his son promoted into the Imperial Army, but failed (unfortunately for him, there was no Ivanka Rasputin to occupy an office in the Czar’s palace as a senior advisor).

Rasputin was assassinated by Vladimir Purishkevich. And Don Putin? He’s doing his best to kill his career as the President of the United States by lying, engaging in sexual promiscuity, and committing acts that appear to be both treasonous and aimed at enriching himself and his family.
As William Faulkner once wrote, “The past is not dead. It’s not even past.”

The Trump record is full of un-Americanism which is politically incorrect. In his infamous interview with Bill O’Reilly he declared that we (Americans) have had our “killings” which means to me that our secret service people have been going around killing journalists. Mike Pence and Senator Mitch McConnell could not criticize him at all. Even getting deep into the very foundation of this, they do not budge. For example,
I knew that President Obama was going to have a problem when he shook hands with Hugo Chavez and I wrote about it at the time, but Trump shook the hands of Muhammad Abbas, Putin, and others and keep in mind that in backing his entente with Putin, Trump has to dig deep into his ISIS and terrorist play book to distract people by publicly ignoring the poisoning of Putin’s critics.

Montenegro became a member of NATO in 2017 and it is one of the nations that has troops in Afghanistan helping us. Russian reacted to this decision by swearing revenge and now Trump is trying to foment opposition to Montenegro and support for Putin by telling us that this tiny country with “aggressive” people could start World War III.

Trump has his options. He can continue to be unprepared in public, disturbing our allies and people who understand what he is doing. He can take the United States out of NATO and form RAT-O or the Russian American Treaty Organization and confront the rest of the world with Putin. And the American people can continue with Trump or demand change now. His appeasement of Putin and Russia must stop today (see Jewish Business News Trump Putting With Putin: Mixing Fascism with Appeasement).

Putin has offered to allow investigators to come to Russia to interview the suspects and Trump praises the idea. We want all suspects to be in the United States…on our own territory. Could you imagine Trump allowing the suspects of MS-13 to be interviewed in another country? Would he not demand that those suspects be brought back to the United States to face trial? Where are our law enforcement people right now who should be uniting with us on this important issue? Where are all the families of victims as well? Would they tolerate such nonsense? And the voters in both parties?

Fiddler on the Roof has been seen all over the world (currently presenting in Yiddish in New York City). There is a line that we cherished from Fiddler. Is there are a prayer for the Czar? And the response of the wise rabbi was “May God bless and keep the Czar (Czar Putin? Czar Trump?) far away from us. I smell a RAT(RAT-O) in the White House.

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