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BLOG / The Fire and Fury President: Part II

Obama And Farrakhan at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005.
There has been no Fire and Fury from Donald Trump about Putin as Republican Jewish Coalition members demand action against “pals” of Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Seven African-American members of Congress have been attacked without sufficient evidence as “pals” of Minister Farrakhan. Farrakhan had early praise for Trump in 2015.  Farrakhan and David Duke both liked what they saw.  That should have been a warning to Jewish Republicans. 
 Our nation has lots of stormy situations that you will see, very stormy politics created mostly by a president whose biggest claim to fame should be bestowing Fire and Fury on himself. 
The recent discovery of a photo of Barack Obama comes more than eight years after Obama took office and there is no talk about Obama and Farrakhan conspiring together to destroy America during those years, just a photo where men do what people do everywhere.  Smile for the camera!
Minister Louis Farrakhan, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and many others are quite toxic and should not hold power, but they are all in positions of power.  I felt that Keith Ellison should not be the Democratic Party Chairman and he lost out to Tom Perez. 
 The same principal applies to people everywhere.  Remember how the police officer in the center of the Michael Brown case resigned from the police department?  He just sped off into the sunset and we know little about him right now.  He could not effectively perform his duties is my opinion. 
 The seven African-Americans (Ellison is in that group) mentioned in connection with Minister Farrakhan could fall under that same cloud, but let’s also be reasonable. Showing a photo of Barack Obama with Minister Farrakhan back in the day without an appropriate context is provocative and sensational.  Recently the photo of Stormy Daniels with Donald Trump came into the public view and Trump backed away from knowing the woman, but Stormy did not disappear from the public eye and she has done what Stormy is supposed to do.  She has taken the media by storm.
Minister Farrakhan has had great influence in the United States, leading the famous Million Man March in 1995 among other things.  His rants against Jews are despicable.  I and others have viewed him and his audience several times to see the impact of his venomous statements.  He may use “black hyperbole” as an explanation, but impact and perception are critical to assess.
I have been around men who come to community meetings representing the Nation of Islam.  There was one who spoke to me about bringing me into a community education committee meeting in Brooklyn, but there was no follow up.  An African-American whose name was Muhammad told me in the late 1990s that Jews should never have moved into Palestine.  Yeah right!  Does that mean that African-Americans should never try to move into White neighborhoods, I asked myself?  All of us have the right to move into new places. Even undocumented immigrants across the United States have many rights as defined by law and the courts. 
The members of the Nation of Islam in the Bronx that I observed have a good relationship with the NYPD.  Even Minister Farrakhan can be seen on video praising the police.  He could be a Fox News poster boy for “law and order” for that alone, but that will not happen as he rants against Jews and White people.  What is the impact on Minister Farrakhan’s publicly stated ideas on the right wing?  The right-wing bashes Jews (Leftists as well we read) and it could unite with Farrakhan if it ever decides to.   Didn’t Arabs, including the Mufti from Jerusalem, discuss the Final Solution with Adolf Hitler?
Those men and women in Congress could step down, but they can also show Fox News and the Republican Jewish Coalition that the people in their districts support them by winning reelection.  I do wish to point out that I contacted Congressman Al Green about a tax proposal that I wanted badly to become part of tax law.  I requested that all victims of the hurricanes that devasted Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and other places should be able to get a larger tax refund to live on for years to come so their lives would improve faster. What happened to that?  I fully expected the people to help fund that without cuts across the board which is what Trump and the Congress have given us.  Charity, in other words, is not enough and critical government intervention is needed.
In the last week Andrew Stein, former New York City Council President and Chairman of Democrats for Trump, was on Fox News telling an audience that Trump does not have an ounce of racism in him.  I have not declared Trump a racist, but his appointees and statements show us who he supports and what he is doing is just legitimizing racism.  This is a man who campaigned, telling people that unemployment in the Black community may be as high as fifty percent. 
 When a drop of about one percent in unemployment took place across the United States, which had little or nothing to do with Trump, he boasts and uses the time to convince Black voters to vote for him next time.  The Fox interview was fast and furious.  It could have been slowed down for the listeners, especially since the moderator mentioned something that happened in 2006 that may not be relevant in 2018.  We can recall how the once racist governor of Alabama who was shot and paralyzed.  George Wallace apologized to the people and he was accepted into the human race for that.
Then there is Putin who has been embraced by Donald Trump and who announces to a huge world-wide audience that maybe it was Jews with Russian citizenship who interfered in the Election of 2016.  Jews are asking why Trump remains silent about anti-Semitic remarks and we look forward to a denunciation of Putin by the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Joel Payne, a Democratic strategist, appeared on Fox News and told a national audience pretty much what you have already read, but he did not include Vladimir Putin in the discussion.  The Fox News moderator briefly attempted to restrict the conversation by telling Mr. Payne to speak only about Farrakhan, which Payne refused to do.  Anyone can watch that report and see just how superficially Fox News treats a very important subject. 
 Substance is the key and Fox News must demonstrate that all seven African-American congressmen are actually “pals” of Minister Farrakhan.  And Fox News did not include a segment on Putin, I repeat.
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