6,000 Birthright Israel participants are taking over Tel Aviv



6,000 young people from all over the world will visit Tel Aviv in an annual tradition of “Birthright Israel Tel Aviv Week.” during which they will meet prominent influencers and leading figures representing the city’s life scenes.

Birthright participants will flock to Tel Aviv for one week between May 21-25, to learn about the city’s significant role in shaping modern Israeli society and its impact on the international community through high-tech, fashion, culinary, Dance, music, theater, photography, and lifestyle.

Every day some 1200 participants will choose which site across the city they would like to visit through a specially designed App. Each location will allow them to take part in various activities exploring the highlights of Tel Aviv’s urban attractions.


Among the different activities:

Intimate encounters with social entrepreneurs
fashion and culture interactive workshops talks with the LGBT community and nightlife icons in bars
Backgammon and beach volleyball tournaments at the Bograshov Beach
culinary lectures
Dance workshop with the Mayumana dance group at Habima Theatre
A graffiti art tour in Florentine
Improvisation workshop at the Camel Comedy Club
Performance by Hatikva 6 at the Pisga Garden
They will also meet prominent influencers representing Tel Aviv’s culture like singer Yael Deckelbaum, chef Alexander (Sonder) Lachish, model and TV personality Galit Gutmann, photographer Ziv Koren, filmmakers Tomer and Barak Heiman and much more.

Gidi Mark, Birthright Israel International CEO: “Tel Aviv week’ is enabled Diaspora youth to become better acquainted with Israel’s diverse contemporary culture. I believe that their encounter with the communities living in Tel Aviv and the public figures representing the city in various fields, will promote a meaningful connection to Israel and strengthen their Jewish identity. ”

During the summer season, Birthright Israel will mark two significant milestones: a record of 33,000 participants from 33 countries, and welcoming 600,000 members since its inception in 1999.”


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