Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

The Future of VR and the Impact on Gaming

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Moving into 2017 many people believe that this will be the year of VR. Virtual reality has already had an impact on gaming, but this will be the year it finally breaks through. With the PlayStation VR making it cheaper to own a headset and games being released to use the technology, it seems now that every gamer wants one.

Whether you want to be at the cutting edge of the VR world with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, or you’ve got a PlayStation VR there is a growing catalogue of games to play. Resident Evil 7 (currently a VR exclusive for the PlayStation VR) is a fully realised game that shows that we finally have uses for headsets in a full game, and not just technical demonstrations.

With this in mind, where will VR take us in the upcoming year, and into the future? With titles such as the Ubisoft Star Trek game, Eagle Flight and Crytek’s The Climb showing just how beautiful and immersive the technology can be, it is an exciting time. It seems now that we can fully escape our dreary world and escape into another reality.

When it comes to other parts of entertainment there are also other uses for virtual reality. With sports events like the Superbowl also branching off to virtual reality, being able to visit live ‘virtual’ events will also be a possibility. If you can’t afford a ticket to Wimbledon, or the latest big football match, maybe virtual reality will be a cheaper alternative? The technology is ready to provide that ability, and with companies like Facebook investing millions into it, it will only get better.

Whether we want to be a part of the virtual world or not, it seems that the big entertainment companies are fully on board with virtual reality. While it won’t take over the way we play games, it will extend our gaming ability to new realms. We just have to decide now, how far into the virtual world we really want to go.

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