Bill Maher to Democrats: Stop Being Nice and Nominate Anthony Weiner Next Time

The comic also joins the calls to abolish the Electoral College.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher knows why Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton. Its because the Democrats are always too nice and need their own “as*hole” to run for office.

“Anthony Weiner had balls and he was an as*hole, ” said Maher on his show :Real Time” last night.

And Bill Maher also pointed out that Hillary Clinton got more votes nationwide than Donald Trump.

“One other little detail about the election: Hillary won. She won popular vote, probably by a million and a half. It’s just that there were more Trump voters in the places that it counted, like Moscow.”

Bill Maher also said that Donald Trump had a point when he said that the election was rigged, only it was to Trump’s advantage.

“It’s funny because always Donald Trump, opposite land, kept saying ‘The election’s rigged.’ It is rigged, in his favor. Not just that but the election is on Tuesday, instead of a holiday like most countries. Poor people can’t just say ‘Hey, I’m taking off for the rest of the afternoon.'”

“We’ve always had our disagreements here but now half the country wants absolutely nothing to do with the other half. Our motto is no longer ‘E Pluribus Unum’; it’s ‘Go fuck yourself.’ And that is not a sustainable way to live.”

See his entire “New Rules” segment here:

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