Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

Does Ann Coulter’s Latest Tweet Evoke Nazism? You Be The Judge

Is Ann Coulter a racist

Anne Coulter did it again! She made yet another veiled anti-Semitic/racist comment on Twitter.

This time she said that only people who can prove that all four of their grandparents were American citizens should be allowed to vote, thereby negating all immigrants and even the children of legal immigrants who were born in America. Coulter thinks that this means that Donald Trump would win the election in a 50 state landslide.

Apparently Ann Coulter forgot that four of Donald Trump’s five children have a mother who was not born an American citizen so they would not be eligible to vote under her plan. Neither would Trump himself since his grandparents were immigrants.

So why does this evoke Nazism? Well the Nazis passed laws in Germany which limited citizenship to people who could prove that all four of their grandparents were German. And you were also only entitled to the status of an Aryan if all four of your grandparents were too.

And this comes after Coulter’s many racist rants over the years. Like after 9/11 when she called on America to bomb Arab cities around the world and to forcibly convert Muslims to Christianity. And then there are all of her calls for America to be made officially into a Christian country.

So is Anne Coulter a racist or just plain stupid? Probably a little bit of both. After the Civil War the Southern racists tried to deny Blacks the right to vote by passing laws which denied citizenship to former slave and the children of former slaves and their descendants in perpetuity. This is why the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed granting citizenship to anyone born in the United States of America.

But people like Ann Coulter hate that amendment and would like to deny even naturalized citizenship to any people of color.

Coulter probably would not have a problem if all of a person’s grandparents were white immigrants from West European nations Like England and Sweden.

Here are some of the responses to Coulter’s Tweet:

“& to think people actually believe your bulls**t.”

“If bigots could write a new constitution this would probably be the opening line.”

” Wow…that’s probably the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said. Good job! RS”

“Jesus lady, can you be anymore racist”

There were thousands of negative responses to the Coulter Tweet, but these were among the few that we could repost here. After all, this is a family publication.

Full disclosure — This author had only two grandparents who were born in America. And most American Jews today probably cannot say that all four of their grandparents were born in America. So Ann Coulter you are a racist and an anti-Semite.

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