Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016

See Natalie Portman In New ‘Jackie’ Trailer

Natalie Portman can be seen in a new teaser trailer for her upcoming film “Jackie.” The Oscar winner will play the title role, the widow of President Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy.

Peter Sarsgaard will co-star next to Portman as Robert Kennedy.


The film is about how JFK’s widow dealt with the trauma surrounding her late husband’s assassination. No one will ever forget the images a hysterical Jackie Kennedy trying to escape the open car in which she rode with her husband thorugh the streets of Dallas after her husband’s head was blown off. Natalie Portman will try to portray just what such an experience can do to a person.


Portman is heard during the trailer saying, “People like to believe in fairy tales. Don’t let it be forgot that for one brief, shining moment, there was a Camelot. There won’t be another Camelot. Not another Camelot.”

Directed by Pablo Larraín, “Jackie” is officially due out on December 2. But it is already making headlines. It was a hit at the Toronto Film Festival and won the best screenplay award at the Venice Film Festival. And Portman’s new movie has already gotten a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Variety says that “Jackie” is a, “brilliantly constructed, diamond-hard character study observes the exhausted, conflicted Jackie as she attempts to disentangle her own perspective, her own legacy, and, perhaps hardest of all, her own grief from a tragedy shared by millions. Provocative and entirely unsentimental in the speculative voice given to its subject’s most private thoughts on marriage, faith, and self-image, and galvanized by Natalie Portman’s complex, meticulously shaded work in the lead, ‘Jackie’ may alienate viewers expecting a more conventionally sympathetic slab of filmed history. But in his first English-language project, Chilean director Larraín’s status as the most daring and prodigious political filmmaker of his generation remains undimmed.”

And The Hollywood Reporter says that it is, “Powered by an astonishing performance from a never-better Natalie Portman in the title role, this unconventional bio-drama also marks a boldly assured English-language debut for Pablo Larrain, the gifted Chilean director behind such films as No, The Club and Neruda.”

So now the only question is if “Jackie” will get Natalie Portman another Oscar nomination.

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