Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Would you buy dead GINGER CAT HANDBAG to Fit your dress?


A handbag made from a real deat cat, is listed for sale on New Zealand auction site Trade Me. BBC reports that starting price for this wierd bag was NZ$1 (£0.56) and ended up selling for 500 times that. According to Telegraph the starting price was NZ$1, 400 (£800). Daily mail said NO. Starting price is $1400.

Created by taxidermist Claire Third Hobbs,  filed the piece under “cat art, taxidermy, fashion, art deco, one off, purse, handbag, cat walk, catatonic, crazy, cool, purrrrrfect”. Reaction to the bag has been extreme. some of the 200 comments left on the website calling it “disgusting”.

According to BBC Claire said no animals were killed in the making of the bag, as she found the cat already dead on the side of the road. she’d picked up the roadkill cat and kept it in her freezer for three months before she decided to turn the stuffed cat into a piece of art.

She decided to turn it into a bag because “he had a particularly nice face, and the rest of him was squashed”.


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