Israeli system to help prevent ‘friendly fire’ incidents



SafeShoot, a new Israeli-developed system, could help prevent incidents of “friendly fire” by alerting troops to friendly forces nearby.

SafeShoot could be affixed to any kind of weapon—including handguns, assault rifles, tanks and canons.

It has been under development for the past two years and is expected to become operational within a year.


SafeShoot’s first model was tailored for hunters, and it is now being fitted for military use.

SafeShoot automatically alerts the weapon’s operator in real time using a buzzer, vibrations, or a red light. The forces under threat of being hit by friendly fire are also alerted.

The system’s algorithm is based on sensor fusion of RF communication, MEMS sensors and GPS and measures the relative distance and bearing of all the devices in the area.
“We believe we’ll have a finished product ready for military operations next year, ” said Brig. Gen. (res.) Amir Nadan, who heads the project.

Israel Wullman, Ynet News


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