Published On: Sun, Sep 4th, 2016

Husband of terror victim urges people to adopt

Dafna is survived by her husband, Natan, and their six children, four biological and two foster.

Dafna and Natan Meir- wife murder in a terror attack last January,

Natan Meir, husband of Dafna Meir, who was stabbed to death in a terror attack in Otniel, wants people not to be afraid to adopt children. In a Facebook post Thursday, Meir wrote about coping with his wife’s murder with his adopted son, saying, “Children are a blessing, don’t be afraid to adopt.”

According to Meir, “Right after I wrote the post, I got a call from a family who wants to adopt and asked how. Then I understood the post accomplished something.”

Dafna was murdered in January in a terror attack in Otniel, near Hebron. One of her children was a witness to the attack, while two others witnessed the resuscitation efforts on their mother.

Dafa is survived by her husband, Natan, and their six children, four biological and two foster.


Natan Meir family - murder of his wife in a terror attack last January,

In his Facebook post, Meir wrote: “Yesterday, I took the child to his mother’s grave for the first time since the murder, which happened in front of him. The grave of the mother who chose him to be her child. In her last moments, she fought the terrorist and saved the child’s life. This sweet child, who already understands that his mom is in his heart and in heaven, while her body is in the ground, tried with all his strength to move her grave stone. He did not understand why I didn’t help him, when I am usually always optimistic and helpful, didn’t come to his aid. Why did I give up, while he didn’t. I think god shed many tears yesterday.”

Meir continued on to say, “The essence of evil visited my home eight months ago. A moment of evil and afterwards a river of tears, pain and longing. While on the other hand, the best part of the world is in my house every day, every hour. Innocence and purity that never ends. Difficult and challenging work that is an incalculable privilege. If you’re looking for love, take a child. There are a lot of children who are waiting for a loving family.”

In a conversation with Ynet, Meir explained that when he wrote the message, he wasn’t sure if he would post it or not. “I’m not active on Facebook, personally. It’s difficult to include people in the things our family is going through right now, but then I thought, if I can help another foster child find a family, it’s worth it.”

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