Published On: Thu, Jun 30th, 2016

Business success stories from Israel


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In an increasingly globalized world, it’s easy to imagine that all of the most successful companies originate in the countries with the largest economies – for example, the Amazons, Googles, and Facebooks of the world do seem to be the ones that grab most of the headlines. But, then there are more than enough anomalies that buck this trend.

Another relatively small country that tends to pass under the radar is Israel. With a population of just a little over 8 million it also has some remarkable business success stories to shout about. Covering a range of sectors, here are just four from many.


Life is very much online now and that can pose a problem for a smaller business that needs a website but may not have the budget to pay for one to be built. Wix has already helped no less than 40 million people do just that. Their business model is to offer basic web-building services for free but to charge for premium features like adding e-commerce functionality. In just a few years from being set up, last Autumn the company went public, raising $127 million dollars which were the largest single share release in the country for over five years.


888Holdings is the company that runs one of the world’s leading online casino brands namely. The brand offers slots, table games such as online blackjack & roulette as well as live casino with real dealers providing players and B2B partners with an innovative and world-class online gaming experience. Originally set up in 1997 by Brothers Avi and Aaron Shaked along with partners Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhaq the company was originally called Virtual Holdings. Aaron Shaked claims to have come up with the idea of the online casino when at a dentist’s conference that was being held in Monte Carlo. Today 888 Holdings continues to form partnerships and acquire other companies as it increases its global presence.


Israel is a hot country so it’s only logical that an Israeli company has come up with an innovative way to make air conditioning a great deal more efficient. Sensibo was launched after a crowdfunding campaign raised the necessary start-up funds to develop an ingenious device that works with remote controlled air conditioning units. The result is more economical and environmentally friendly cooling of homes and offices. They have also developed an app that can work with smartphones and wireless connectivity to create truly remote use.

Mobileye Vision Technologies

When the driverless car eventually arrives the chances are that it will be carrying some technology from this company who specialize in image-sensing devices that can spot anything from a road sign to a pedestrian and which cost just a few hundred dollars per car. 19 major manufacturers including Volvo, BMW and Audi are already customers and the company aims to produce its own semi-autonomous car ready to go on sale sometime later this year.

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