Ari Teman learned the hard way that it was illegal to list his rented New York City apartment on Airbnb. In March 2014, he was evicted after an Airbnb client held a sex party that trashed his apartment. It was worldwide news.

Being a standup comic helped Teman find the humor in this situation. “Aside from the illegal orgy destroying my apartment, it was a lovely weekend, ” he tweeted at the time.

His entrepreneurial streak helped him turn his misfortune into a business, and he came to Israel to do that – during a war, no less.

“Two years ago, in the middle of Operation Protective Edge, I flew to Israel to perform standup for soldiers and folks stuck in shelters and to incorporate Friend or Fraud,  a cybersecurity and artificial intelligence company in Tel Aviv, ” Teman, 34, tells ISRAEL21c.