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Jesse Eisenberg on Jewish humor and the dangers of assimilation




Vox’s Ezra Klein Podcast interview with actor Jesse Eisenberg,  known for his roles in the Social Network, Now You See Me (1&2) and Batman V. Superman.


The two discussed a wide-range of topics including, his reaction to his recent success, how he turns the tables on fans who stop him in the street, his views on Donald Trump and Jewish Humor and the dangers of assimilation.

Here is also a glimpse from Jesse Eisenberg’s first book of short humorous short stories Bream Gives Me Hiccups (2015).It opens with a set of restaurant reviews by a 9-year-old boy.

When the woman brought the bill, Mom smiled at her and said thank you, which was a lie, because Mom hates when people bring her the bill. When Mom and Dad were married, Mom would always pretend like she was going to pay, and when Dad took the bill, which he always did, she said more lies like, “Are you sure? Okay, wow, thanks, honey.” Now that Dad doesn’t eat with us anymore, maybe I should pretend to take the bill from Mom and say a lie like, “Oh, really? Okay, thanks, Mom, ” but I don’t because lies are for adults who are sad in their lives.


Ezra Klein



  • When fans come up to him:I always ask people where they are from […] if somebody has burden you with you know coming up to you which is already a really weird thing to do with no invitation, it gives you free rein to ask a lot of things. Also, it kind of makes people happy I noticed because this person they have seen on TV is showing interest in their lives […] I ask invasive questions, I end up hearing the weirdest stories, I respect them.

 Bream Gives Me Hiccups,   by Jesse Eisenberg,


  • On Donald Trump: “I am impressed by his flow in public speaking, it is a hard thing to do. He is able to speak in public in a way that feels natural […] and that is really important. He does it well, which if you disagree with him is disconcerting.


  • Jewish humor & assimilation: “In a personal way if it benefits the culture to be kind of seamlessly integrated into the hagentity in America than they do that […] than conversely if it benefits them to be an exotic outsider than they do that. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that kind of code switching […] Jews have been able to do it very successfully.

By Vox’s Ezra Klein Podcast



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