Published On: Sun, Mar 27th, 2016

‎iPhones‬ will soon fall like cats


New iPhones will have cat like flexibility to protect phones during falls. Once a fall is detected, iPhone rotates to limit the damage to sensitive components (like glass screens and cameras).

iPhone will use various techniques to rotate mid-air.
1. Vibration motor: During fall, the internal vibration alert motor activates to alter the angle of impact

2. Ejecting battery: During fall, the battery is ejected, thereby changing the center of mass and the angle of impact

3, Gas canister: During fall, thrust is generated using a compressed gas canister to alter a phone’s momentum or orientation.

4. Grippy headphones: During fall, the headphone jack would respond by contracting and gripping the attached 3.5mm pin, transforming the headphone cable into a bunjee cord.


With this Apple is solving the biggest problem with iPhone, cracked iPhones.

A quarter of iPhones have a broken screen. And an Average iPhone broken in just 10 weeks. Damaged iPhones Have Cost Users $8 Billion Since 2007.

So there is a huge demand for this technology

Courtesy of Patent Yogi 


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