Richard Dreyfuss Does His Best Work in Ages in Madoff



There’s something particularly compelling, and nerve-racking, about watching an elaborate liar squirm—Matt Damon in The Informant!, Hayden Christensen in Shattered Glass, and, in the new ABC mini-series Madoff, Richard Dreyfuss as one of the grandest liars of the 21st century, Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff,  monster of New York finance and, probably, sociopath.
madoff- Richard Dreyfuss Reveals Secrets Behind 'Madoff' Performance
Madoff, which runs in two parts on back-to-back nights starting February 3, doesn’t delve too deeply into this ghoul’s psychology, but Dreyfuss sniffs him out anyway, giving a mesmerizing, slyly funny performance that’s his best work in ages…


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