Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015

Human resources optimization in transportation




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In transportation system today, the key to success is achieving high levels human resources planning. Transit planning is inherently complex with mitigating factors such as timetable constraints and external issues. As such, the industry must strive to build technical solutions that address these complexities. Improving workers conditions will mean an increase in performance and the business’ earning power. To attain a satisfactory worker experience and ultimately, a superior business performance, it is important to take into consideration these recommendations:

  • Achieve an efficient arrangement of timetables

Working hours are a key issue in any industry but especially in transportation systems where external problems may hinder the correct completion of tasks. Also, a poor distribution of timetables could lead to worker distress which affects productivity and motivation. In this manner it is important to achieve an efficient arrangement of timetables and competently assign tasks to available staff reducing the need for extra hours. In this way, the company will minimize costs and maximize worker satisfaction. 

  • Optimize staff productivity

Productivity is a fundamental pillar to company success. It is the quality of being able to generate adequate services. To achieve this, it is essential to distribute human resources evenly and attain more services within the same resources. In this manner, it will be possible to increase revenue, reduce labor costs and improve data accuracy.

The issue then becomes in how to implement these best practices? Although it may be daunting, it is possible to achieve these goals using Goal Systems technology. GoalStaff® is a system which provides optimization of human resourceplanning. This system allows optimizing the relationship between offer and demand to deliver the best service quality at the best prices. The package includes many modules which work on each of the issues a business may have in staff organization such as timetable constraints, dispatching or monitoring. Ultimately, GoalStaff® offers a complete overhaul of staff management to improve efficiency and achieve a completely satisfactory service.


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