Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

Young Americans shifting US towards becoming less religious nation, survey

Growing numbers of ‘millennials’ who are unaffiliated or atheists are causing vast changes in the American religious landscape.  

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Even though the vast majority of Americans (77 percent) identify with some form of religious faith, the U.S. public is becoming less religious. A major new Pew Research survey of over 35, 000 U.S. adults has revealed that the percentages that believe in God, pray every day and regularly attend church have all recently declined.

The change in faith across different generations of Americans is one of the most interesting aspects of the survey. Of Americans born between 1928 and 1945, 92 percent believe in God, 67 percent pray daily while 51 percent attend church services at least once a week. Even though at least 8 out of 10 older and younger millennials believe in God, far fewer pray daily or attend church services.


Some Fans Will Blame God For Losing The Super Bowl

Does divine intervention play a role in the outcome of sporting events? After losing the Super Bowl 28-24 to the New England Patriots, some fans of the Seattle Seahawks may think so. According to a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, one in four Americans thinks God has a role in determining the winner of a sports event.

10 percent of respondents said they completely agree that God has a hand in sporting outcomes while 16 percent mostly agree. Still, the vast majority of the 1, 012 Americans polled, 72 percent, disagreed that games like the Super Bowl were decided by some higher power. When it comes to deflated footballs, however, they might have a different opinion.


Only 27 percent of those born between 1981 and 1989 attend a weekly church service.

Infographic: Religion's Generational Decline In The U.S. | Statista

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