Adam Lambert denies tour tension with Demi Lovato


Queen + Adam Lambert At The Forum


Adam Lambert is adamant he was not dropped from Demi Lovato’s tour because of a feud with the pop star. The former American Idol star had been tapped to open for Demi on her upcoming shows, but he has been dropped from the bill and replaced by fellow singer Nick Jonas. Adam and Demi’s teams were believed to have been in negotiations prior to finalizing the contracts, and subsequent reports suggested the Whataya Want from Me star was furious to have lost the gig. However, Adam has now denied there was a falling out between the pair, insisting the deal just did not work out.

“No beef tween (sic) Demi & Nick and me, ” he writes in a post on

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Queen + Adam Lambert

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Queen + Adam Lambert At The Forum

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Queen + Adam Lambert At The Forum

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