Published On: Thu, Sep 17th, 2015

How Do Americans Feel About Taking In Refugees?

Syrian refugees protest against President Bashar al-Assad


Americans overwhelmingly favor taking in refugees, according to a recent YouGov poll. 52 percent of respondents said that the United States should provide refuge to people fleeing war and oppression while 21 percent said it should not.

However, when it comes to Syrian refugees, Americans take a harder line. When asked if their country should accept more or fewer Syrians, 30 percent said fewer, 26 percent said more and 19 percent said they want it to stay the same.

YouGov poll said that “historically the United States has played a huge role in resettling refugees from crisis zones around the world. Under Presidents Carter and Reagan the United States offered protection to hundreds of thousands of refugees, but after 9/11 it became far more difficult to resettle to the United States.

YouGov poll added: “Americans are divided on whether or not the United States has a special role to play in providing new homes for people seeking to escape poverty or war. 41% say that the U.S. does have a special role while 40% disagree. There is a significant partisan divide, however. While 56% of Democrats say that the U.S. does have a special role to provide a new home to refugees, 53% of Republicans disagree.”


This chart shows how people in the United States feel about taking in refugees.


Infographic: How Do Americans Feel About Taking In Refugees?  | Statista

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