Kapparot – Jewish chicken slaughter sidewalk ritual is debated in court; lives of 50, 000 birds at stake


Chicken Religion Yom Kippur KAPPAROT- Photo source - failedmessiah.typepad.com/


Opponents of “makeshift slaughterhouses” on Brooklyn sidewalks duked it out in court Tuesday with Jewish leaders over an upcoming religious ritual that involves the killing of 50, 000 chickens.

The opponents sued several rabbis and Yeshivas in Crown Heights and Borough Park, asking the court to stop the slaughter and to order the city to enforce its health laws that bar unlicensed slaughterhouses.

Attorney Nora Marino said her clients live and work in the area where nonprofit Jewish groups slaughter the chickens on sidewalks behind police barricades for the Kaporos ritual.

“First Amendment rights do not give any religious group the right to break the law. This event violates 15 laws, ” she said.


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