Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

We’re engineers, scientists and the Curiosity rover from NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission. Ask us anything!

We're celebrating the third "landiversary" of the Curiosity Mars rover

Miguel San Martin,   Adam Steltzner

We’re celebrating the third “landiversary” of the Curiosity Mars rover. She touched down Aug. 6, 2012, in Eastern Time and UTC, but it was still Aug. 5 here at mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. We’re looking forward to your questions about the mission so far, our roles on it and the continuing science in Mars’ Gale Crater.


HT_mars_rover_curiousity_selfie_jef_140624_16x9_992 NASA

Fred Calef — “Keeper of the Maps” (@cirquelar)

Steve Collins — aka “NASA Hippy Guy” from landing night. Now contributing behind-the-scenes ops tools (@longhairnasaguy)

Nagin Cox — Mission Lead/Tactical Uplink Lead (@nasa_nagin)

Joy Crisp — Deputy Project Scientist

Steve Lee — Deputy Project Manager (@LeeCuriosity)

Kim Lichtenberg — Mission Operations Engineer. SAM Instrument Engineer (@marssciencegrad)

Carolina Martinez — Mars Public Engagement (@NASABeAMartian)

Michael Mischna — Science Operations Working Group chair (coordinator of daily science activities) and an atmospheric scientist

Katie Stack — Planetary geologist; geology liaison between the Curiosity rover scientists and engineers (@kstackmorgan)

And the Curiosity Mars rover, with help from the JPL Social Media Team (@NASAJPL)

Veronica McGregor — JPL News & Social Media Manager (@veronicamcg)

Sasha Samochina — JPL Social Media Specialist (@cloudsasha)

Stephanie L. Smith — JPL Social Media Specialist (@stephist)


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