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Word on the Street: AIPAC’s Money vs. J Street’s Majority

Jeremy Ben-Ami[BLOG]

We knew this would be one hell of a fight–but as I learned a long time ago, when the truth is on your side, it is more than OK to be David facing off against Goliath.

And wow–here we are and here we go!

We’re still in Round One–just ten days since Congress began its 60-day review of President Obama and our allies’ nuclear agreement to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but AIPAC and its allies have already pledged over $30 million to kill the deal.

If this sounds like an exorbitant figure for only a two-month campaign, fasten your seatbelts–they’re only getting warmed up. That’s because a large majority of Americans knows better and continue to back the pro-Israel agreement that America took years to negotiate. Even scarier for the incredulous opposition: among American Jews, that support is even stronger.

Let me repeat that fact which you will never hear repeated on Fox News: Our latest pollconfirms that 60 percent of American Jews support the deal, even more than the 56 percent of Americans overall who agree with us.

So get ready–when the other side doesn’t have the facts on their side and they don’t have the country on their side–well, they’re going to get ugly. And it is about to get expensive!

Start with “the ugly!” Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, this week accused President Obama of “marching the Israelis to the door of the oven.” Senator Tom Cotton compared the Secretary of State to Pontius Pilate.

They say these horrible things because they’re losing–the 20-point margin in favor that we found in our poll aligns closely with the 18-point margin found in last week’s LA Jewish Journal survey, as well as the 18-point margin from our poll last month, and other polls conducted before the deal was reached.

Why? Because we represent the mainstream of pro-Israel opinion in this country, while AIPAC and other Jewish organizations who rushed to oppose the agreement are far out of step with the majority of American Jews.

So you bet they’ll double down on using money to undermine the majority.

As for you and me–we’re in this fight because we know that our opponents are not only out of line with pro-Israel opinion, they’re also completely wrong–the Iran agreement will make Israel safer, and more and more Israeli security experts agree with us.

Don’t take my word for it–dozens of former Israeli security professionals–like former Shin Bet head Ami Ayalon and former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy–have come forward to praise elements of the agreement and question the prime minister’s decision to lobby Congress against it.

They are part of a growing consensus among American national security and arms control experts that this agreement can help to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, while its rejection by Congress could lead to another war in the Middle East.

These are the voices that Congress needs to hear from over the next two months.

And we need you to amplify their voices.

We can’t compete with the opposition in terms of money, but we have the people, the experts and the facts on our side.

And we’ve launched a nationwide campaign to make sure that Members of Congress hear from the real pro-Israel community–the one that AIPAC is trying to silence.

Take ActionTell Congress that the majority of American Jews wants them to approve this agreement.

We can’t do it without you — and our country needs us to do it.



  1. ElieGabrieli

    August 2, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    The new poll finds a sharp partisan gap on whether Congress should approve the deal, with 66% of Republicans and 55% of independents saying Congress ought to reject it and 61% of Democrats saying it should be approved. Younger adults, who tend to lean more Democratic, are more apt to favor the deal: 53% of those age 18-34 say approve it, while 56% of those age 35 or older say reject it. There is also an education divide on the deal, with 53% of college graduates saying the deal should be approved, while just 37% of those with a high school degree or less formal education saying they think it should be approved.

  2. ElieGabrieli

    August 2, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    Bottom line 53% of Americans are
    more then 60% DO NOT believe
    Iran will honor the agreement
    The numbers do not laying

  3. ElieGabrieli

    August 2, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    CNN/ORC poll: Majority wants Congress to reject Iran deal

  4. Herb Glatter

    August 2, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    It’s time for a new Jewish tradition – EXCOMMUNICATION – of the way too many traitors starting with Ben-ami and jstreeters

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