Apple Watch available outside of its own stores in the US


Apple-WatchApple will start selling the Apple Watch more simply available outside of its own stores within the US this August, as which is one of the best online retail store becomes the first major retail partner to hold the device. Over 100 stores and can sell the Watch on August 7th. can stock the aluminum model further because the more expensive stainless steel Watch, but unsurprisingly more than $10, 000 gold Watch Edition will not get on the shelves.

Apple is keeping Watch sales figures near its chest, however the growth of retail availability is a very important point to spurring further adoption.

Apple has already sold-out the model in select department stores and boutiques around the world, and in Japan, for example, stores almost like Best buy like Bic Camera are marketing the device since April.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, told “We’re very bullish on the Watch being one in every of the key, top holiday gifts and wish to possess it in additional places than we currently have it.”
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