Citibank Developing Citi Coin Cryptocurrency for Cross-border Payments



Citibank is developing block chains among its banks and test-coins to run across them. The head of Citi Innovation Labs, Ken Moore confirmed that the bank has been viewing distributed ledger technology for the previous few years and has concentrated a talented team. They need engineered 3 blockchains and a check currency to see them.

Headquartered in Manhattan, Citi is an american multinational banking and money services corporation. As of january 2015, it’s the third-largest bank company within the united states by assets and has one among the world’s largest financial services networks.

“We have up and running 3 separate systems among Citi currently that really deploy blockchain distributed ledger technologies, ” said Moore. “They are all among the labs just thus there’s no real cash passing through these systems yet, they’re at a pre-production level to be clear. We even have a similar to bitcoin up and running, again among the labs, thus we can mine what we call a ‘Citicoin, ’ for wish of a far better term. It’s within the labs, however it’s to form positive we are at the forefront of this technology which we can exploit the opportunities among it.”

Ken Moore confirmed that Citi is discussing the chance to make a state-backed digital currency in an exceedingly range of various countries with governments and regulators.

In could Bitcoin Magazine according that Citi, persuaded that digital cash adoption is inevitable, replied to a U.K. government demand data on digital currencies with a powerfully positive position, and suggested that the U.K. government ought to take into account supplying its own digital cash.

“Due to the potential edges, we tend to believe the adoption of Digital cash is inevitable, ” noted the Citi document. “While we tend to believe that the employment of Digital cash is definite, the long run of specific cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is less clear.”

The idea of a government-sponsored digital currency has been around for quite a while, with proposals for a few quite “Fedcoin” and “Eurocoin” being floated. Reportedly, IBM is additionally discussing diversification of the blockchain technology to make a digital money and payment system for major currencies with variety of central banks, together with the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

Moore indicated that Citi doesn’t shall file a patent for its Citicoin technology, that is usually supported open supply elements, and declared that Citi is especially inquisitive about the applications of blockchain technology to cross-border payments and remittances.

“Most of our efforts are targeted on payments; trade most likely being a second runner, ” he mentioned. “Because we are a global bank, we can explore for opportunities to use this technology to move cash from country to country, across our network.”

Citi is additionally inquisitive about “banking the unbanked” – providing money services to individuals presently while not access to bank accounts. The bank partnered with Safaricom, the most important mobile network operator in African nation to method payments using simply mobile phones.

Kenya reflects an African demographic of regarding 40 % of the population holding an account, contrasted with 70% to 80% mobile penetration, said Citi manager. “You don’t want an account, ” she said. “It goes straight into the mobile, it goes into a wallet.”

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