Truecaller Launches A New SMS App Truemessenger for Android



TrueCaller software has launched a new application known as Truemessenger. As you would expect from the name, this is a messaging application that hopes to do for SMS what Truecaller did for calls.

The Truemessenger app was launched on the Play Store and like company’s other apps Truecaller and Truedialler, Truemessenger is a free application. It confirms your number using an SMS, and once that’s done, you’re in.

Like other SMS apps, Truemessenger shows you a list of all the messages you’ve received and starts identifying the senders of messages. The individuals whose names are stored in your contacts app are displayed normally, whereas the unsaved numbers also are replaced in exactly many moments by the names of senders, complete with pictures wherever out there. the only identifying feature could be a small “True” badge at the bottom corner of the image.

Recognising the names of senders took only seconds, and new messages from unknown numbers are known close to instantly – that is smart considering that is however the Truecaller app also works.

In a journal post, True software co-founder and ceo Alan Mamedi writes: “Imagine if on every occasion you received an email, the sender was simply an internet protocol(IP) address string of numbers. this might not provide any context to your conversation. Imagine currently that email spam wasn’t filtered, and was mechanically sent to your inbox. This becomes frustrating because the volume of emails will increase.”

Truemessenger, the post continues, takes a phone number, uses the facility of the 150 million member on Truecaller community to spot an actual name behind the number.

Other than this one feature, the Truemessenger app seems like a decent SMS application, however nothing terribly out of the standard. There are 2 main screens – inbox and spam – that you simply will switch between due to buttons at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll be able to simply mark senders as spam therefore you will not see messages from them once more in your inbox.

Like alternative messaging apps on android, you’ll be able to also set Truemessenger because the default SMS app, and therefore the app prompts you to try and do simply that on 1st launch. you’ll be able to in fact use the app while not doing that also.

Speaking of marking as spam, there are multiple choices out there to you on this front – you’ll be able to block a personal number, a series of variety (e.g. everything beginning with 9999) or block a reputation, therefore all messages from, say, Myntra get blocked, in spite of that variety the corporate is using.

The design of the messenger app itself is pretty minimal and pleasing with a cheerful blue theme, and you’ll be able to quickly change your android messaging app through the Truemessenger settings, therefore if you would like to come to your default app or Hangouts, that is easy to do also.

As a messaging app, Truemessenger ticks all the necessary checkboxes, and its trademark feature works really well. If you get lots of spam messages, or are simply not very organised once it involves saving people’s numbers to your contacts, then this app will surely be terribly useful.


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