Published On: Mon, Jul 6th, 2015

Samsung announces the 2TB versions of its SSD 850 Pro

Samsung 2TB SSD

Samsung 2TB SSD

Today, Samsung announced the provision of not one however 2 2TB SSDs, the SSD 850 pro and also the SSD 850 Evo. The lesser capacities up to 1TB of the pro drive are on the market for a year and people of the Evo drive, concerning seven months. The new drives announced today are a serious upgrades to each the drives that basically double their top capacity.

Both the pro and Evo SSDs use Samsung’s 3D vertical flash memory technology, that may be a new and additional efficient method for memory cells to be organized. referred to as the storage units within SSD, traditionally, memory cells are place along on a 2d planar setup, wherever they lie flat on the surface of the silicon wafer.

The Samsung 3D flash memory cells are stacked up vertically up to 32 layers, letting significantly additional cells within the same variety of wafer bits. This greatly will increase the density and means, among other things, additional storage space for fewer value.

Both drives conjointly support Samsung’s TurboWrite, that helps accelerate write speed throughout data transfer by making a superior write buffer in SSD. On prime of that, they both options rapid mode that uses a part of the computer’s system memory (RAM) as writing cache to more improve the performance. It’s important the speed mode is off by default and may be only turned on exploitation Samsung’s Magician software, that is merely out there for Windows.

The Samsung SSD pro HDD differentiates itself from the Evo drive by having marginally quicker performance, double the endurance the quantity of data you will write to the drive before it become unreliable and double the warranty time. the pro is packed with a 10-year warranty and also the Evo, only 5-year. The Samsung SSD 850 pro is more expensive, one among the foremost high-priced on the market, in fact, however is additionally one that delivers the simplest performance.

The Evo, on the other hand, contains a nice balance of value, performance, feature, creating it one among the simplest deal among SSDs.

The new 2TB capacity suggests that currently the storage space gap between SSDs and regular laborious drives is currently for the most half eliminated, a minimum of within the world of laptops. the value gap, however, remains quite massive.


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